21 Y/O Male from the UK (90 days minimum)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm Tom from the UK. I'm looking for an accountability partner of my age and gender to basically help keep my in line, and vice versa!

    Just some points:

    • I've previously managed between 7-45 days without relapsing. But 90 and beyond eludes me.
    • I'm looking to do at least 90 days. I say 90, because that's my goal, but in reality, I plan to never fap again.
    • Please be as serious. I need someone of a similar mindset; I'm pretty determined :)
    • Maybe a little bit on the side, but I'd like to develop a friendship as well. We have something in common, and so I'd like to have a kind of 'go-to' person to discuss these problems and beyond.

    Ideally I'd like to converse via WhatsApp. It's pretty popular here in the UK, and it's the most common SMS app.

    Let me know if anyone is interested,


  2. whydoifap

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    I'm Lou from Canada. 22 Y/O with porn-induced ED. Have had incredible luck with accountability partners in the past. I'm managed ~20-58 days without relapsing. Really looking forward for 90 as I remember having a lot of progress with the long 58 day streak.

    I'm still in contact with one of my accountability buddies. Awesome 32 Y/O from New Zealand. Was there for him while going through a divorce. He managed his 90 days, I stopped short at 58.

    I think this can definitely work.

    PS, I have Whatsapp. Shoot me an email @ [email protected]

  3. Ethan0l

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    Hey Tom,

    I'm also looking for an accountability partner for keeping me in line.

    It's going to be my first attempt at the 90 days and can't be more happy with my decision of quitting porn so if you keep me accountable I'll return the favor and WhatsApp indeed works for me.

    Also my name is Ethan and I'm studying in Canada

    Let me know if you're interested.
  4. lawazi

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    Hey boys,

    Well i am a new Fapstronaut, i am interested in having an accountability partner, on the same time zone or a near one, i am on (GMT+1), My best record was 99 days the it kept dropping 60 days, 31 days, 7 days, rose up to 31 days again, then back to 7 days, I am on the 11th day today, i have got some useful knowledge and experience since my journey which i have started on 02/may/2013, but i have to point out that i use no smart phone because it makes me always relapse, i can't resist with it, i can use fb,skype or whatever desktop App you wish, i use the internet only when i am home after work, on my well protected pc, in order to reduce the chances to relapse

    Looking forward to hear from you !

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