21 y/o. Started drinking

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by greenishmoon, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. greenishmoon

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    Day 9.
    Hey waddup. I've started with nofap and noticed that lately I've found myself drinking a little bottle of beer once in like,every three days or something.
    I was never addicted to alcohol or even accustomed to alcoholic beverages.
    And here I am, first time I suddenly chose beer before a coke or juice or something, and drinking alone.

    By no means I'm abusing alcohol, this is a very innocent thread, but however, have you experienced something similar?
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  2. SovjetOnion

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    Man I started drinking at 17, once a week when going out with friends. So many people do it.
    If you don't like the taste of alcohol, there is no reason in drinking of course. But grabbing a beer (you doing that legally, in US) is fine if you like the taste. I don't see anything is wrong with that. You're young and you should try out new stuff. But once you abuse alcohol (drinking everyday, getting withdrawals and all the good stuff) then you should ease up on it. Until then have a beer or two, I'd say!
  3. You're 21 so you're old enough to make your own decisions but it's important to remember that alcohol isn't good for you. Alcohol abuse has been normalized in our society and is seen as benign in comparison to drug use but with the exception of stuff like meth and flakka, alcohol is just as dangerous as most other drugs and have caused just more deaths than all of them combined.. I'm not preaching because I've done more than my fair share of both but whether you are talking drugs or alcohol, its important to be cognicent of the fact that there is a risk of health problems and addiction.
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  4. greenishmoon

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    Yea I aknowledge that I'm doing a naive thing. I made this post because I made a relation between the dropping of a bad habit and alcohol use. Oh and I never said I didn't liked it, it is just not a habit on my own if I'm just at home.
  5. properWood

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    following on @The Unfadeable's footsteps, ask yourself why you feel like drinking? If it's because you feel bored or lonely at home, then you've replaced PMO with alcohol, one habit with another. But if it's because you actually find the taste great, then go ahead.
  6. Davekransberg

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    It's fine as long as you're casual with your liquor. However, you have the risk of trading PMO addiction with alcohol addiction. If you're not careful enough, the CJ meme from those internet forums could perfectly sum up your situation.

    "Ah, sh*t. Here we go again..."
  7. Bombadil

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    FWIW you are not consuming anything close to a dangerous level. The danger isn't that you'll develop a physical addiction, more that it becomes habit forming, and you can't stop.

    I have been drinking alcohol since I was 17, with pretty much no ill effects (apart from one embarrassing incident at a new year's party 20 odd years ago). I don't really like sugary drinks, and pretty much only drink tea, coffee, water or something alcoholic (though not often) it doesn't have to be a problem, just don't go crazy and don't use it to make you feel better when you're down (it won't).

  8. greenishmoon

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    Thank you all. Talking about it really helps. I don't think I have replaced one habit with another, but it could surely go that way if I'm not careful.
    Also, @Bombadil , greetings on your counter.
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  9. Kishi

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    I have once tried to drink alcohol in my uncle's birthday to feel the sensation of alcohol. I have been establishing my mindset to decline all the party's invitations since that time.

    Though, I had had that mindset before I drank alcohol. My uncle's birthday is simply an event to enforce my mindset over an alcohol, also all the addictive substances.

    "Self-destructive and self-irresponsibility are as the essential same as each other" is my motto.

    After my uncle's birthday, I never go to any party which risk contain beer or alcohol.

    You always have your choice in every your life's circumstances in especially a self-destructive ones. Therefore, having a choice which don't bring a self-destructive attitude or having a responsibility to your life, your future and your relatives is your best choice, consider it.

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