21 Years Old Looking for AP (Details within)

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by jaxalwaysloses1995, May 27, 2016.

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      • 21 years old
      • Male
      • My Goal is to quit forever ( I know it's ambitious)

      • I've been fapping for 6 years and I just found about this website and I am serious about quitting. Not to lie I fapped 20 minutes before finding this website after getting an epiphany. Almost everything that has happened to me was because of fapping. I got worse grades in school, now in college, and my life sucks. I used to fap a lot when I was in highs school wasting 1-4 hours a day and sleeping late at night. I just want to stop doing this and instead make something of my life, but to start I need to stop fapping. It has become to the point where I am unable to sleep unless I fap. I discovered ASMR videos which helped me go to sleep so I wouldn't fap, but even that didn't work later on. I need someone to help me battle this and someone with experience.

      • I would love if we could chat in skype everyday or every few days. Texting in skype and typing is the best option for me.
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    Hey, 20yo male. Undergrad student and since I have nothing to do in the summer, I've been fapping for 2-3 times a day lately. I'm looking for a job right now so it should get better once I have a summer job but fapping has been a long going problem for me. I want to quit so I can fulfill my potential and live in content by being the best I can be!!
    Typing seems to be the best option for me too!!!
  3. changetheflow

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    you can add me on skype emre.genel2 23 year old male also trying to quit forever

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