21 years old sounth indian ( telugu ) looking for accountability partner from any part of the world

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by recovery guyy, Sep 24, 2020.

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    i am 21 year old from south india ( telugu ) . i am an porn addict and started mastrubation 5 years ago and it become a serious addition since 3 years . i tried to do nofap but failed . recently i did it for 9 days and again i gave up .I feel very tired body pains , feel weak in knees and legs , backpain drowsiness and i also feel very depressed and sucidal thought and i face anxity problems and i feel like something is missing in my life. I want my body and mind to recover. i want some accountabilty partner yo keep a check on me and i will also provide support for u .
    pls ingore my grammatical mistakes
  2. Son of shiva

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  3. Hey, i see you're looking for an accountability partner.
    My longest streak was 13 days, I started last month only actually. I am planning to make this is a habit and discipline instead of chasing some streak although I will be keeping track of time as well.
    I read, I am learning to make music, I meditate & I do yoga as well.
    I am 26 M from India.
  4. Dues Ex Machina

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    Hi man,

    I'm looking for an accountability partner. Reply if you want to collaborate. I'm a telugu
  5. The Cultivated

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    Hey zen I also looking for an accountability partner and I think that we can help each other.

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