21M Looking for APs - 100 days hard mode

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Apollo-100, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Apollo-100

    Apollo-100 New Fapstronaut

    21 year old and rebooting hard mode for 100 days.
    I'm looking for cool people to help each other go through urges and everyday life struggles.

    My time zone is Europe and I speak fluently English, French, Spanish which are all languages I like to practice.

    Ideally I would prefer a real-time chat like Skype/Discord/Whatsapp as it's just more user-friendly and fits well the urgency of urges.

    I am an atheist but respect all religions of which I tend find the philosophies interesting.

    Don't hesitate to hit me up! I like to listen and give advice too!
  2. steez

    steez Fapstronaut

    Hello :)

    Im a 21 years old student from Poland. I've created this account few years ago , but haven't used it in a long time. Lately, i tried to battle the addiction on my own, but from my counter you can see that im still struggling. I feel like i've learned a lot but still i tend to escape from real, lasting change. I fail on beeing consistent enough. I still haven't opened to anyone from my surrounding about my problem. I believe that having someone accountable may be a good idea now. Hard mode for 100 days is a great and serious goal. I've never gone so far before to be honest, but im willing to try.
    I agree on the applications you have listed, as they are more direct. I've tried e-mail accountability before but it didn't work well. I also tried accountability group on whatsapp but this also have persihed after some time. I think the key is to find a person that you can really relate to. I reallly care about bulding sincere relationship so it could help us through times of doubt. If you would like to be my AP, send me a message :).

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