22 Months of free life...almost getting to 2 years!!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fercho29, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. great post my friend. very inspiring. always great to hear someone come from the dark and free themself and you have my friend keep it up. i wish you nothing but the best in your new full life!
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    fuck man, that part about the gay being poor and forced to do this made me emo, because jus look at him, he is a victim of his circumstances, whereas, we have created such pathetic circumstances only for ourselves....shit man shit, i hopep you get out of this soon enough, and so do i, todday is my second day
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    OMG! WHAT A STORY! I'm glad that you are now in the right path.
    If I wouldn't have stopped and discovered nofap, my path would have been probably very similar to yours. I came from PMO, over sexting and caming almost to the point where I met the ladies in real life to just get an even higher 'kick'. All for one reason: Get a dopamin high through recognition
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    A sad but then ultimately uplifting and inspirational tale.
    So good to read.
  5. What a heart breaking story, but very motivating. You give hope that even in the most shit condition a human can bounce back and slay the urges. Thank you for sharing this with us. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel...
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  6. once again, what a moving story. congratulations for all your progress.
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  7. I am glad you are reading my older posts @CaptainFranklin
    I took advantage and read them too
    It os incredible, I forgot how bad I was feeling and how amazing is too be outside of the worst part of the the addiction
    These last few weeks have not been easy, staying at home all day, so I had strong urges and a lot of temptations to watch P
    Things with my wife have not been great neither. She is going through her menopause and this makes her moody and emotionally unstable
    In some of our fights the tooic of my addiction and my past infidelities comes back again and again. Which makes me feel guilty some times, sad and this retrofits the vicious circle of craving
    But I need to say no, and reading my posts helps me to avoid opening the door to the obscure world I was once into
    Thank you for helping me to remember
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  8. I have read hundreds or maybe thousands of posts and stories on this site. There is just something in your writing that makes the picture so clear. Maybe it is how far you have come, or maybe the way you write. You seem not to have to write long manifestos to illustrate what is going on. Thank you for all you have shared here.

    I was once over a year away from the addiction, and fell back in. What you say in your response rings very true to me: we always forget what it was like, going session to session like a madman, unable to think of anything else. In my case, stealing away into the bathroom and making up excuses, with my heart racing and this nasty taste in my mouth. Then afterward, looking in the mirror and cursing myself because I did it again.

    I guess forgetting is part of the problem, and probably why we need to stay connected, to see what we are getting away from. I can see why you are are still here and posting. Best of luck my friend.
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    Inspiring story. Congratulation.
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    What a story. I almost cried. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. I hope you are ok now after your last relapse. Stay strong!
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  11. I'm much younger than you, but i think you're very brave to express your emotions and your feelings. A lot of people wouldn't have had the courage to face this addiction. You're a strong person.
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  14. Keep going comrade and mind yourself!
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