23 M Berlin (GMT+1) looking for telephone calls for accountability

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Jay Hanuman, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Jay Hanuman

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    Hey all :)

    Im pornaddicted since im 9 years old. Realized its pretty bad at 18. Moved out from parents house 1,5 years ago. Had my first real sexual experience 1 year ago. It changed my mind completely. Had good phases afterwards but inevitably came back to porn. I realized there are real causes for the addiction in my own personality that I have to deal with. But also just dealing with the symptom by being hard to oneself and abstaining from it as much as possible, by willpower is key. For that Id love to have an accountability partner that helds me accountable.

    Im looking for

    - telephone call (daily would be epic but every few days would still help greatly) because I want to unplug from laptop and smartphone for the first weeks/ months
    - someone who is taking this seriously
    - someon who wants to give and accept no bullshit mirroring

    Living in Berlin, so timezone GMT+1 it is.

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  2. give_me_strength

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    I’m looking for someone serious as well to do this with text/calls on WhatsApp. I’m looking for 90 days normal-mode, first milestone. After that the plan is to keep going and no more M only real female interactions. If you are interested to hold each other accountable let me know :) you seem to be serious about this like me!
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  3. Felix0071

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    Hey, I am also looking for someone to do this with calls on Whatsapp!!

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