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23 old newbie in nofap

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by quitpron, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    Hi ,
    I don't know how to write and what to write.
    I have addiction of pornography and masterbating.
    Last night I dream sex offer with a girl, she was my classmate. I don't know how to I will make it possible.
    When I started porn watching I thought it was a just a video after 10 years I realised that it is a addiction which is ruins my whole life. I don't know how to quit my these two addictions.
    If anyone have some suggestions and experience of how it's feel after quiting these addictions.
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  2. frere

    frere Fapstronaut

    First thing is: make this easy and as enjoyable as possible for you! Plan a little celebration for each succes? Maybe eat something you want after day 1, then watch a movie after 3 days for example?
    After your First week buy something you want, idk a Videogame?

    The more you associate nofap with good Feelings the easier it will be!

    Dont Put too much pressure on yourself, if you stumble and fall, the best thing is to get back Up, examine your mistake and keep on pursuing your goal
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  3. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    Thanks frere,
    It's very supportive for me . I will definitely celebrate my small achievements. It's grate thing to make own self happy and enjoy able.
    Thankyou very much.
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  4. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    how to use nofap forum, I am not understanding it.
  5. karlos kent

    karlos kent Fapstronaut

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  6. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    Thanks karlos kent
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  7. PowerSton3

    PowerSton3 Fapstronaut


    You can use my "little" trick (this is my first sequence and it worked perfectly I'm currently at 74 days)

    "Writing" in your mind the reason or reasons why you want to quit Pornography makes the process much easier.
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  8. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    thanks, PowerSton3,
    grate it's your 74 days, it's amazing bro. How did you do this?
    I am on my 4th day. those old memories come into my thoughts sometimes every day. How can I ignore them? Can I write all reasons why I want to quit MO in my thread?
  9. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    PowerSton3 is right. Writing the reasons will help you to remember why you're doing this. But not only, I think writing a list may help even more, where you could see it every day. That way, you can remind remind yourself often. My tip for you: Use the technology against your addiction. Use blocker to block the adult websites. This will help a lot!
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  10. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    today I got again my old memories. somehow to avoid them. I have to make this process easy and enjoyable but I don't know how can I will make this. if anyone has any suggestions please help me.
  11. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    I passed 6 days without watching pron and masterbating. Urges also coming to me. I try to avoid them . And soon I will do . Why I want to quit these bad habit because it's running my life. My social life is zero I my afraid to talk to my relatives and any other person. Always I feel some kind of insecurity in my life . Pron and masterbation is a never-ending cycle. Also guys my english is very weak my 1st language isn't English. Please Any one help me to how can I improve my English. Now I will write those benefits which I can get if I will quit all my habit from roots . I will get confidant, Increase my will power which is right now I need , happiness because I always feel some kind of sadness, and most important is I want change my attitude towards to all girls and women. I hope That I will achieve my goals soon . And all of you also achieve you goals.
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  12. quitpron

    quitpron Fapstronaut

    hey guy,
    you all are so amazing. Today I again masturbated with pron. I don't know how it happened to me. and then I updated my day counter. I am feeling shame for myself. sorry
  13. WilliamJ.F.

    WilliamJ.F. Fapstronaut

    We all fall down sometimes. You just have to pick yourself back up.
  14. Leon12

    Leon12 Fapstronaut

    The reason you find it difficult is because you're forcing yourself to quit. Imagine putting the world's most delicious pizza in front of you and attempting not to eat it with reliance on WILLPOWER, which of course just doesn't work, because you or anyone else will end up eating the damn pizza.

    If you're quitting porn with the mindset of "I wish I could have watched more" You will fail because that tells us that you're bitter about the process. On the other hand, if you quit porn with the mindset of "I don't want to suck in bed, porn is just not for me, and besides I don't enjoy it at all" it'll definitely be more than enough for you to quit.

    Another big clue is, to make positive affirmations instead of "I wish I could have seen more booty pics", you need to become more conscious about your own self-talk and start programming your mind the right way by repeating only positive affirmations like "I am making the right decision" "I don't want to end up a perv" "I am not a creep anymore" "I was wrong about porn but now I woke up" "My life is much better and more productive with now porn behind me" "I never enjoyed porn" " I am not a coward" etc...

    In the worst-case scenario, if you ever happen to masturbate again, put a pen and write down what you have done wrong on a piece of paper. Let your failures give you the blueprint on what works for you to quit PMO'ing. Don't take failure as an excuse to reinforce the brainwashed pattern of "I guess porn is impossible to quit after all". there is no such a thing as impossible.

    I highly recommend you to download your free ebook copy from my website quitfappinglivestrong.com "It's based on my two-year struggle before finally breaking free once and for all" And trust me it's for your own good. Feel also free to check other content on the site and let me hear your thoughts.
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