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    Hello folks,
    I am 23 years old male from India. I just joined nofap few hours ago. Although i was familiar with this community since last few years but dint join at that time. But i think that now the time has come to join this community cause things are getting worse day by day & i am losing control over myself. i have been exploring nofap for last 2-3 hours,reading the stories of people and getting the information how things work here. Now i have gained enough knowledge about this.
    lets talk about my past and background. btw i have a lots of things to say but i will summarize it in few sentences cause no one likes long posts. i would like to tell about my relationship aspect. I was always single. I have never been in a relationship in my entire life so far. Also i am still vergin. never had sex so far.
    I have been indulged in this heinous activity of fapping as long as i can remembers. To the best of my memory i started this fapping when i was little kid & no one introduced me to this. I fell a prey of this by my own. on earlier days i used to roll my penis for a long time and after few minutes i used to feel very good sensation internally. i used to feel joyed. So i continued this activity for a long time and took a break then after a year again started doing it for many days but till this time semen was not used to come out of my penis only good sensation used to be there so i continued to do it again and stopped automatically. After some time again started but this time semen started to come. and since then i never stopped it and have been doing it since decade. Due to this i had to suffer a lot. The major impact was on my memory. i forget everything. i don't remember anything. my grasping power has reduced a lot. but still after all these bad experiences my academics was not that much bad. i was average. in spite of such a competitive & recessionary era in india i got job in one of the IT company as analyst. But the bad effects of masterbation are getting shown in my professional life now a days. So thats why i seriously wanna quit this habit and want to something big. I think i have potential to achieve anything in life. Only thing which can stop me from achieving anything in life is this masterbation. if i dont control now then my life will be ruined. I think now i have time to recover.
    i dont wanna ruin my life. i have lots of goals i wanna roam the entire world. There are lots of good things to experience in life. I can't tell you how many times i have tried to quit this habit. but every time i failed my longest streak was 28 days that too was a year ago. since then i have been doing it 3-4 times a week. sometimes i do binge masterbation i.e. 3-4 times consecutively. In past 24 hours i masterbated 3 times :(
    I have developed all the good habits which people say. be it reading, meditating , running etc. but still i do this. I am also a certified yoga professional. But still i do this.
    i am also a very devotional person.Don't know why i do this. maybe i have serious desire to have sex and i haven't done it so far. sometimes i think to go for prostitute to fullfuil my desire but my ethics always stops me from doing this. Dont know what to do and how can i quit this habit. and if i talk about porn, i am not that much addicted i dont watch it daily but whenever i masterbate, i do it while watching porn.

    Guys please help me to quit this habit. Nofap is the only last option. suggest me if should go for prostitute for having sex or not. cause i wanna have sex once.
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    Welcome! I understand your struggles. Given your age and Indian society you might be having a tough time. I don't have any quick solutions for you but if you put in some effort you can use your energy to achieve your goals and stay away from PMO.
    Come here on a regular basis and you will learn to deal with this issue.
    I wish you good luck.
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