23 y.o. American Catholic male looking for a 90 day PMO challenge AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by vivacristorey2, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. vivacristorey2

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    Am looking for an AP around my own age, male, orthodox Catholic and, if possible, someone who has struggled with SSA before, without ever having been involved in the gay community or planning to, for religious reasons. Masturbation has always been far more of a struggle than porn, but recently I've had more trouble with this. I'm an orthodox Catholic but not a particularly saintly one - I put up a pretty good front of being a secular individual.

    I'm a recent graduate of college and will be starting work soon.

    I speak French, English and Spanish if that helps.

    Would be good to check in each day to make sure we're doing alright, and also talk about some of the challenges relevant to someone in our situation.
  2. gingerveto

    gingerveto New Fapstronaut

    You speak three languages? Awesome, we can be trilingual AND help each other out.

    Send me a PM and I'd be down to send you messages, check in, and occasionally ask that you do the same for me. I'm 20, going through college.
  3. thatfolgersguy

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    Hey, I'm a 27 y.o. male Catholic. In grad school at the moment. I'm looking for an AP as well. I'm not SSA but I get the secular thing. PM me if you'd like another AP.

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