23 y/o No job, no education, no friends and no girlfriend

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ElTrigly, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Dude if it helps. I'm 43. I left my wife of 14 years after finding out she was having an affair. I'm now back living with my mum who is an absolute nutcase. I don't really have any mates anymore which can happen if your too involved in a relationship. It doesn't get any shittier than this.

    Your young, going through a tough patch, maybe a bit lost in life but you have a good opportunity to turn things around.

    The peeps on this forum are priceless. The amount of support and love on here is amazing. Take all the advice here and use it as the foundation for a potentially fantastic new chapter in your life.

    Remember, when your on top of your game finally, there will always be others that will need your help and support. You'll have the skills and experience to help them as well.

    We believe in you bro. You just need to now make the first few small steps towards that life you've always dreamed of.
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    What is it with suicidal people trying to drag others down with them? Just because you refuse to do something about your life doesn't mean everyone should.
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    In a similar-ish position job-wise, hope your life has gotten better dude, if it has let us know
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    That's beautiful man, you will find love for sure, it'll be true this time around, you'll turn it around for sure.
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    I'm sorry to hear such posts about suicide.. I feel now a bit the same, although that is due to a momentary relapse and tomorrow I will set back the counter. My point is that what has helped me to overcome really bad suicidal thoughts (I was like you) is to go back to my roots, pray the Catholic Rosary etc. So you should probably find a religion.. Try Catholicism if you are from the US I am sure you'll find young people there who can help you. Here in Italy is a bit more difficult but the priests are very understanding and when I confess my sins they stress the importance of being grateful for what you have and repent for the past...
    Come on, looking forward to hear from you, I am starting retaining today! Back to day 0...
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    keep up bro. 23 years old, your life is ahead of you. The best of your life is coming
  8. foucus on what you can do, you can get a job with no experience
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    You need sports
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    You need to master the Automatic world. If you master your automatisms you are the Master and the automatisms are your servant
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