23 year old never had a gf or kissed a woman

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by AZOR, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. AZOR

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    I don't know why but this past weeks this has been in the back of my mind at all times, I've been trying to change a lot of stuff in my life and maybe as a repercussion of that this constant thought has appeared. For once, I've started working out like crazy doing full blown workouts 6 days per week, im trying to overcome my porn addiction (5 days porn free), ive tried to change my mentality to being more positive and more confident as a result of my constant workouts, which i seem to be having a lot of fun with. I was never someone who drank a lot of water but after reading the benefits I've been hydrating myself properly drinking 2.5liters per days and it has improved my mood drastically.

    However, all of this may have brought up this embarassement or constant thought about never in my life having had a girlfriend or kissed a woman. I was rejected twice when i was younger, I was too naive and put a lot of time and effort into it so I decided I wouldnt pursue any longer and started focusing on other things. But as of late this has been everyday in my mind for some reason.

    I don't think my appearance was what turned down women when i was younger, probably my socials skills as normally i was either too nervous, needy or anxious when speaking to women, therefore the reason i wanted to build confidence.

    If there is anyone that is going through the same or in a identical place, I would like to hear your thoughts on how to cope with it.
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    It really doesn't matter at all anymore past is past. I would try and focus more on the good your doing now. Working your ass off 6x per week, kicking PMO addiction, and staying hydrated and healthy. Besides, these things are building your mood and confidence so you are literally correcting what you view as past failures every single day.
  3. AZOR

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    Very true, I dont think ive been more energetic then I am today, thank you for taking some time to answer me.
  4. p1n1983

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    This is a good mentallity
    Totally, this is a turn off for woman, no matter how good your looks are.
    Keep working on yourself. Be proud and happy of you and your life. That will make you confident on yourself, that is going to be a really turn On for woman.
    Nofap will give you the motivation and energy to improve yourself.
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    Have you tried putting your self first?
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    Sounds like you are doing a lot of things right. Keep building yourself up that way. Be the best man you can be. The next step from there is to find hobbies etc where chances of meeting women with similar interests are high. Dont worry about your lack of experience. I was 24 the first time I started having any sucess with girls and I was 28 by the time I was on a real date with a girl I liked. Dont stress it. Let everything happen naturally and dont give up on your self improvement project.
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    My cousin, now 30, never had any experience with women either, then he found his 'soulmate' on a dating site. Theyre now married and happy. There is hope
  9. I am not going through the same as you, but I will give you my thought anyways.

    You want to be "confident", but never in your life "had a girlfriend or kissed a woman". Well, then first you have to admit it as you did. That is great. That is your thruth.
    Now, can you tell your truth out loud? Because that is what a confident person do. A confident person can talk about himself with no shame, no regrets and no apologies.

    Is Ok that you are getting a strong body, but. A strong body is NOTHING if you dont have a strong mind. A strong mind is what girls like. Because Man are strong.

    You need to become really strong
  10. embodiment of luck

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    I have the same problems, I am now 22 and I have never been with a girl. Girls that I at one time like now have boyfriend, and I have attracted some women that were not attractive to me, I am sad to hear advice from most people about how I should score girls that are not good looking or fat, and this is not what I want. You know I don't have that much hope for chasing woman that are not my type, and I am really humiliated that my 3 years younger sister now have boyfriend before I had any girl in my life. I have to work on my situation.

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