23yo Christian male finally looking for help...

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  1. I am a 23-year-old male living with my parents in the eastern US. Grew up in a very loving conservative Christian home. Parents don't know I masturbate as far as I know. Frequency of about once a day I would say for the past 8 years, not getting any better or worse. I used to use pornography sometimes but stopped that completely about 6 months ago. Nevertheless I can't stop fapping to my mind's fantasies. I am an introvert with pretty much nothing resembling a social life at the moment. Feeling lonely, lazy, unmotivated... I have been consistently trying to stop fapping for about 2 years now and never got any further than 8 days clean. Usually I don't get any further than 2 days. My wheels are spinning and it's time for this habit to come to an end.

    My ultimate goal is to stop masturbating forever, but I will start with the more realistic 90-day goal. Looking for an active member here (preferably another young Christian guy) who also needs daily accountability. Simple once a day PM on these forums is preferred. I have not masturbated today and it is day 1.
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    hey brother, sending you a message now
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    hi men i m 25 year old looking for an AP
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    Similar to my story... From a conservative Christian family --- hope you've gotten help - you'd overcome eventually
  5. I am in pretty much the same spot. Message me if you still need a AP

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