23yo [m] from Europe (CET), looking for an AP (LGBT)

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  1. What am I looking for?
    I'm looking for a down-to-earth accountabilibuddy with whom I'd be able to have daily check-ins and occasional chats to share our experiences. Ideally you are gay or bisexual as I think we would both find it more relatable, nevertheless I'm open as long as you are friendly and easy to talk to. Preferred communication channels are Telegram or Whatsapp.

    Shortly about me
    I'm doing my master's in the Nordics in social sciences and I am passionate about books (I sincerely love my Kindle), mental health, music, languages and some strategy games here and there. My friends would probably describe as friendly, easygoing, and empathetic.

    What brought me here?
    Currently, I'm at a stage where I'm trying to slowly develop healthy habits while unlearning the bad ones. PMO is one of the most deeply anchored in me since forever and it had probably quite affected my seaxual pleasures with real partners where it takes me an eternity to finish.

    Why should I be your accountabilibuddy?

    I lived the good life, I lived the hoe life, I lived the depressed life - this is a judgement-free space. You can share with me funny memes, Reddit posts, TikTok's and or other things that fills you with joy. I'm easy to talk to, genuine and genuinely curious about your story, and I hope we can go through this journey together!:)
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  2. hi how are you??

    Im from the UK, i'm 40 and gay, I have tried giving up masturbation in the past and nothing has worked, I have even tried chastity it worked until I took the cage off, not sure I can give up

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