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    Over the past month i realized I'm addicted to pornography and masturbation.
    I sort of knew it the years before and knew about NoFap, but i never wanted to admit to myself that what i was doing was an addictive and potentially damaging behaviour. Hell i tried to do NoFap on and off for a couple of years now, but without previously accepting my behaviour and situation in those years it was bound to fail.
    It was always an half-assed attempt, where i would reach a streak of 5 days then relapse, get sad and repeat the pattern. And this was going on for at least the last 7 years.

    The last months i tried not be as hard on myself when i would relapse and try to understand what the underlying problem was or is.
    I think i made some progress in the last months in understanding that i use PMO to surpress unwanted feelings, as an coping mechanism and escape mechanism. Whenever there was something hard or unwanted to do, i would get urges.

    I think that right now i am in the age, where it is my responsibility to take my life and future into my own hands. And i feel like conquering something as big to me as my PMO-Addiction will show me that i am strong enough and able enough to fulfil my dreams and take my life into my own hands.

    I think the most promising way to conquer my addiction is a holistic approch, where i help myself to be more thankful, active, goal-driven, understand and work with my emotions and so on.

    I'm really excited to do this with all of you and to be part of a community with a similar goal.

    Thanks for listening to me rambling. Putting myself on the stage like this, is really out of my comfort-zone. But i really think that it will help to understand myself better and to make even more progress!

    Here's to hope, self-love and progress
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  2. you have already taken the big step. congratulations and be strong
  3. frere

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    Day 3: I felt my urges come back, but was able to pull through. It was not as hard to pull through because i want at home.
    Day 4: I just passed my last university exam which brings a huge boost to my mood. I feel very satisfied and like all the hard work of the previous years finally paid of.
    I am super motivated to make my attempt at nofap stick. I would be lying if i said it was easy, but i feel stronger than my urges this time.
  4. Go ahead. You are doing a Great Job!
    We are stronger than our urges but we have to be alert.
  5. frere

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    I relapsed yesterday. Initially i was bummed out and felt bad for myself. I realized, that feeling bad and sorry has in the past only ever created more "reason" for me to PMO.
    This time i wrote down what mistakes i made, that led to me relapsing and what helped me reach my longest streak since a several months.
    This approach left me way more content and motivated to avoid the missteps.
    I'm convinced that learning from my mistakes, is what will ultimately get me out of this habit.
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    Excellent. This is the way to go forward.

    There is a difference between habit and an addiction. A habit can be broken by change of behavior, an addiction requires us to identify painful feelings and let go of old ideas, convictions and opinions.
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