24 Looking for AP with reasonable english

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by cillywillyboy, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. cillywillyboy

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    New guy looking for AP.

    Ive been on the nofap scene for several years but I gave up about a year ago and it fucked up my life. Now i'm gonna try again and quit for real this time. I'm too old to waste my life on this BS.

    A bit about me:
    23 year old male from Denmark.
    Going to study physical therapy.
    I enjoy fitness, socializing, videogames and Boardgames/tabletop.
    Has an anxiety disorder.
    Virgin T_T

    What I would like from an AP:
    Good reasonable english.
    Something in common.
    In their 20s.

    I'm not so picky but we need to be able to connect :D

    EDIT: Also I prefer texting (at least in the beginning)
  2. restarterbarter

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    Hey, 19 year old from UK struggling with keeping motivated for education (masturbation addiction). Willing to help and willing to receive help :) If you have a discord then maybe we can contact there?
  3. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Hey im 23, lets be aps
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