25 and still single. Inside really burns for the feminine.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Fellow Fapstronauts,

    I hope you all are doing great with your journey. I have been doing great as well, just one wet dream, rest is going pretty smooth.

    I really want to have sex. I am not a pervert as I have restrained my body from PMO. But as a man , lately I have started to feel my body needs an attachment for the opposite sex. I don't know from where I'll get one, or in which form she will be. Heard a lot about nofap community as everyone here is loyal and support each other for real. Perhaps nobody has got anything to lose, I am not looking for a hookup or a prostitute but I think that this is the place where real men can understand what I am going through.

    Man I had been so naive in college about girls. How they are stupid and shit. That they do not have common sense. I have been so deluded by the fact that now I am feeling like julius caesar falling on the feet of pompey begging. I have never kissed a girl , let alone touch for more than 10 seconds. I have a feeling a third world war will start if I even have sex.

    I don't believe in god or the almighty but if a little bit encouragement or prayer can instill this energy inside of me that can be sensed by the beautiful creatures called women out there, so be it.

    Yes, I want to feel ashamed, yes I want to feel guilty, Yes I want to feel like a little piece of shit when I take off my clothes and make love with the significant other. Yes I want to feel that serpent rising up above my belly to the beating of my heart when I get an opportunity to show the women my body as the gods have made me. I mean that's the fun. I don't want the bible of sex to be finished. I want sex to remain a mystery that nobody can find the truth. I believe it is in this spiral mystery of love that people want it more and more and come back for it again and again...

    Oh dear women, what are you? Why do you need to make it so hard to get you? Don't you know men and women are meant to be with each other?

    Well. Feeling a little light now, had this coming.
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  2. J247

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    You make it sound like it's the woman's fault they're not flocking to you.....
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  3. PlasticBoy

    PlasticBoy Fapstronaut

    Just keep working on yourself, and it will come. Eventually :D
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  4. I'm a longtime single dude as well so I feel your pain. That longing to have someone to hold and cling to.
    You gotta go out intentionally looking. Sadly they're not going to knock at your door. Seems like to me, the most common way couples meet are through common friends.
  5. Advaita

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    Find something to work towards in life. Work towards that, don't stop, don't take a break. Forget this loneliness. Rather enjoy this, ravel in this state. Use this frustration as your strength. If need be don't even look at girls.
    If you keep at this for some years, I can assure you women will kill to be with you.
    But by then you would be too busy and successful to even consider this as your peak pleasure :)
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  6. Awesomej

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    I seconded this. work on yourself for years. eventually you will not believe what you will get.

    You already get yourself a long streak. which is awesome. start going to gym and whatsoever.
    get yourself new skills, music, food, arts, women loves it if their man good on it. (even crazy on it. lol)

    hang in there man. Patient eventually really pays off.

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