25 days in to this and hair regrowth also from recovering

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jack Chambo, Feb 27, 2021.

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    hey hope everyone is well, i'm based in England south coast. i've been mostly fapping all my life and i'm 25 year old male. maybe from the age of 12 and onwards fapping pretty much mostly to anything i thought was nice not caring what content it was about 1-4 times a day, its played a massive down fall in all areas mentally, finance, and my ex has left me. i'm a social worker part time and a investor on the gold, silver and forex, i will make very nice profits in the £1000s then i would get mental brain fog and lose everything that i have made then i would start to build back big profits i do the same thing again and again and its all because i was expelling all my juices for a quick happy 10 seconds to then dropping myself in a big pit unable to come out. within these days my hair has felt smooth and thicker and regrowth in visible bolded areas, this is so good to see as i suffer from male pattern boldness i will make sure to get a after picture. i've had sex with a girl i hooked up with that was nice as i've been in a long 4 years relationship, i did mo once but i didn't count it as i didn't watch porn but i will not do it again! many things have come to light in the best way possible i have so much focus and i think porn is meant to fuck up your soul, its the devil in you it makes you different inside. this is what is changing
    =hair is thicker and smoother, baby hairs are covering prevous bold areas
    -brain fog is so much less its a blessing.
    - not to sound full of myself, hooking up was never really a problem but this time i didn't have sex like porn but i really looked after her and made sure she was my no.1 priority and put her first before me was so hot,
    -i've fasted all through these months just drinking water and one meal a day with snacks too
    -intense eye contact
    -muscle growth
    -Massive input into spirt and soul and life direction is much clearer
    -dick is bigger
    -woman do notice you
    -more greatful

    the BAD sides would be things like
    -feeling alone in short bursts
    -strong urges at times

    not many bad points now as i write this, i'm blessed through all my darkness
  2. Sounds like some great changes. Keep going and growing better. Hoping to have a success story soon myself
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    Sounds like you’re making great progress.
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    Do you have any pictures of your hair before and after?

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