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    25 I’ve been dealing with PIED for almost 6yrs I was getting blowjobs and fooling around with older girls since 11 lost my virginity to a Costa Rican hooker at a super 8 motel at age 13 Around the same time
    I started watching porn Regularly on my laptop I had a lot of sex M and pmo in my teens I would be able to fuck like 7times a day I was comfortable with my size and girls seemed to be really satisfied
    I dated this one girl for around a year
    After a while I started to fantasize to porn while having sex I noticed a change once I did it led to less sex and more MO
    To porn or sexual images on google or pictures of girls I knew on fb or ig
    I continued to have a good sex life until age
    19 when I wasn’t able to get it up with a beautiful girl after this experience my dick was lifeless no more morning wood or spontaneous erections my porn addiction had increased drastically I was PMOing
    4-6 times daily with much more extreme vids and fetish’s stuff I never was into
    And lots of pictures
    I went to a urologist everything checked out fine even took testosterone injections for 6months nothing happened
    In the last 6years
    I have still managed to have shitty sex some days better then other Pills helped for a while but stoped my dick Is not the same
    I stopped Pmoing 2 months ago and last O was 9 days ago
    any idea on how long till I recover???
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    Not sure but hard mode would probably speed up the process for you a little. Here's a great quote I just found:
    You are capable of quitting at this exact moment. Yes, each and every one of you. If the stakes are high enough you’ll quit. If Bill Gates showed up to your house and offered you 10,000,000.00$ to get 90 days first try every single one of you would quit in a heartbeat. You would do whatever it took. You would still get urges, but you would smile to yourself as you ignored them and imagined what color your Lamborghini was going to be.
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