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    Hello all,

    I'm an American living in China and working through a PMO/sex addiction. I've worked through some addictive behavior in the past, but this one is proving to be stronger than I can tackle alone and I need help. Ideally, I'd like to email at least once a day, Skype call at least once a week. I'm also on WeChat almost all day if you're open to getting another free app on your phone.
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    I am a Bangladeshi, 25, Male, living in Dhaka. currently working through pmo and on 6th day. I also have worked through some addictions as smoking, junk food, video games sleeplessness :) I think I am quite good in speaking american english but maybe not as good as you are :p . Email once a day and skype video calling once a week is fine. But I am not on WeChat so I am willing to take the chat thing in facebook account if you are also willing to do so. Thanks. If you are interested, just give me a tap and the rest should be piece of a cake :)regards, MR7
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    I'm a foreigner in China too. Where are you based? Shenzhen here.

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