26 Years Old French guy search an Accountability Partner (english speaker)

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Fckporn, Apr 10, 2020.

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    Hey Guys,

    Here is my story.
    I'm a 26 years old French guys. I studied international business and soon will work in USA. (after Coronavirus mess...)

    It's been a while that i'm aware of my problem. I´m a porn addict for 10 years. I recently decide to move on in my life and recover from this adiction.
    I will put all the chance on my side : I read a lot about the topic, I recently decide to dedicate 1 hour a day to this topic to stay focus, I suscribe to NoFap and other classes online. I´m 100% commited to this new objective. It would be the top 1 objective for the following months. I'm deeply determinated.

    I'm searching for someone with experience in porn recovery. I mean someone that already tried to quit, that is conscious of his issue and that is determinated to end with Porn. Someone that really want to actively recover with me. Like a buddy partner for gym : I´m searching someone to support each other whenever we want to talk, have urges and be open minded with each other. There will be no judging with me.

    I will be very dedicated and commited with this person. You can count on me !


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    Hey, I am a teen guy from india aged 19. I have tried many times to quit porn and masturbation. My maximum daycount is 12. I want to join you in your journey. I can speak English and write English very well. Please let me join you. We will together beat this fucking demon.

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