26M, gay, student, looking for AP (to send covenant eyes reports to)

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  1. Hi there,

    I just installed Covenant Eyes on my computer and I want to set up an Accountability Partner to send my activity reports to. This program works by tracking any website I visit and when I visit something that is off limits, it will send an email report to certain people you set up in advance.
    You don't need to have a Covenant Eyes account in order to be an accountability partner so if you're just looking for a regular AP to talk to or to have someone to hold you accountable, I'll happy to do that for you. But of course if you do have a CE account, than it would be very helpful to sent our report to each other, for real accountability.

    My goal is to stay porn free for the next 30 days. Who wants to join me? :)
    My time zone is GMT+1 (Central European Time).
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  2. determinedermine

    determinedermine New Fapstronaut

    Hey man, this Covenant Eyes thing sounds really great and I could do with an AP, so I'd be happy to help you out! I'm gay and also a student, if that helps with some common ground :)

    Can't figure out how to message you, but I can give you my Whatsapp etc. privately!
  3. Great! I just sent you a PM :)
  4. Hey man, I already have Covenant Eyes if you need another AP.
  5. Cool! I can always use more than one AP, I'll send you a PM

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