27th till today and i broke that line of NOfap!! Help

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by sabnamnamsab1, Mar 2, 2019.

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    as i was running 27th good with my Nofap Journey and today suddenly a sensual pop ads came and as i was surfing not more then 2 min my heart rate was fast and i cum without touched or anything, i have to start over again? or i am in the same road
    and i am feeling totally wasted like shit. i just want some recommendation regarding this urge problem. thank you it was my first post here.
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    Try-try but don't cry! I failed thrice and relapsed on day 5 two times and day 20 but I started all over again and I think you should start all over again because when we start again then only we regret losing our streak and come back much stronger. Ads are triggers to lead to watch porn I would recommend you to use some adblockers in your phone or pc and today is my first day officially for NoFap I just signed in so now we are on the same streak so don't give up! cheers. :)
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