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Do you want to go on for a 28 days streak of meditation without PMO?

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  1. MEDITATION proves to be very effective in those struggling days .
    All you have to do is to meditate for more than 10 minutes every day.
    The problem is not that you don't know how to meditate , the problems lies when even after knowing everything you don't meditate.

    Try it cause you will only feel nice ,I PROMISE...

    Now see what you've to do :-

    Like every addict you too might have negative thoughts (they might not always about the addiction, but are negative).
    So from now (after meditation) , whenever you would have a negative thought ,all you have to do is not to over think but just let it go...Meditation will help you in letting go...
    Remember letting go means to not counter those negative thoughts but to not think anything at that time(at that time you will have to meditate for a while(by thinking nothing) , as you will practice it you will find it very easy).


    Meditation to me is the art of thinking nothing and that is something which is going to help you in concentration...

    Always remember not thinking something bad is way better than thinking something good!!!

    I bet that with MEDITATION you will be able to forget all those addicted content from your brain...

    People go on 6 months streak but often are unable to kick those thoughts out of their mind.This can be fixed with Meditation....
    Do it every day...

    The best part is , you might will automatically be willing to meditate after 28 days...

    Do share tips to meditate and your experiences on the comment box.....

    I must say it helped me a lot.
    I hope it will help you too....
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    Love this bro, I do meditate everyday but just before I read this I wanted to go and find a female and have sex really bad. Then I went and meditated and it all went away.

    Thank you so much. Porn is easy to remove from my brain but the many sexual experiences I have been doing forgiveness meditations to help with this so I can understand what was happening with me at the time that I was doing many sexual things. It is really helping. Hope it helps someone else. Vishen Lakhiani's 6 phase meditation is a beaut!
  4. I pray for your happiness forever....
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    Thank you for sharing this beautiful information. I will definitely try
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    Thanks for posting this, I'm going to meditate after writing this reply. I've found meditation to be a great motivator and help to me in getting here to recovery. I don't agree with the idea of thinking nothing entirely though because simply put I have thoughts that come up and I simply cannot force them to stop so I observe indifferently and watch them fall away and rekindle anew. This helps to see what is on the mind without attachment to the thoughts. JUST MY 2cents!
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    This is very, very true. Thank you for bringing this up @Can_do_this_will_do_this ! Personally I've experienced stress, anxiousness, nervousness, incapability to think clearly and many other things. I've also noticed that meditation helps with all this. That was a long time ago though. I saw this video from Matt D'Avella yesterday, and it once again opened up my eyes for meditation. Your post is what I needed to make action of my thoughts. Thank you.

    The video, for those who are interested:
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  8. NAMASTE :)
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  9. Thanks for sharing this video !!! :)
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    I found this very helpful. Thank-you for posting my friend.
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    can you explain in short how to meditate ?
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    There are many ways, the one most regularly used would be to sit cross legged on the floor. Use a pillow if you like to sit on, then cross your legs with one foot on top of the other leg at the crease of the knee.(Half-Lotus position) or if you'd like leave your feet both touching the ground inThe Quarter Lotus. Here you can sit on your meditation seat with your legs loosely crossed and both feet resting below the opposite thigh or knee.

    Calmly breath and rest your hands on top of your thighs palm down (relaxing the mind mudra) keep your eyes only slightly open and look downward at about a 45 degree angle a few yards in front of you. It helps to be in a calm environment where no-one will disturb you if possible.

    Simply breath and let your thoughts flow, label the thoughts as just "thinking" and focus on the breath going in and out at a normal comfortable rate. Do your best to stay focused on the breath, sometimes chanting a mantra can help or listening to meditation music (can be found on youtube).

    Don't worry if you get carried away in thought just try to keep returning to the breath and the awareness of the breathing. Do this for at least one minute and make yourself comfortable without distraction. 5-15 minute sessions are what I'd consider "average" although everyone is different. Longer sessions don't always mean more results so start with what you can manage and then stop.
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  13. Exactly
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