28-year-old guy looking for accountability partner who takes this challenge seriously

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by pafonnofap, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hi there!

    I'm a 28-year-old working guy who is looking for someone to complete the 90-days challenge. Preferably:

    • you've already had some good streaks, so you don't relapse on day two (that just kills my motivation)
    • you like to check in every day to discuss urges, successes, problems, triggers, whatever
    • you can put to words to yourself why you want to stop PMO
    • if you're also on day 1, that would just be great, we can celebrate weeks and months together :)

    As for me, I had the usual problems most guys describe: some PIED, loss of motivation, and the feeling you could have put your time to so much better use. Plus, I don't like to be addicted to anything. So I started my journey about half a year ago with some successes, but I can't seem to reach that *magical* number 90. I find that after a couple of weeks, when I'm tired or bored, I get urges that are difficult to overcome. I think that having an accountability partner, whom I wouldn't want to let down with a relapse on my side, will prevent me from falling back into old habits.

    Also, this will be a lot of fun to do together, so I'm looking forward to doing this! :)
  2. whydoifap

    whydoifap New Fapstronaut

    Hey bud!

    22 y/o here from Canada dealing with porn-induced ED. It's disgusting.

    I play varsity golf, played varsity hockey and am currently progressing through powerlifting. I'm an above average looking guy, I get many of the girls I pursue, but way way WAY more often than not I can't get it up.

    I've had relationships end, and many encounters end as well due to this issue and would love someone to keep in contact with. I had an accountability partner a year ago and had a nice 58 day streak with him. A few solo 30+ day streaks as well. We still keep in touch!

    Anywho, drop me a line at lo[email protected].

    I'd love to share our stories. The reason I brought up I'm good looking is to force upon the idea that it's not the girls who are the issue. I have a retarded addiction and I need it to stop.

  3. brandenA

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    Hey Whats up bro,21 year old guy here, Im on day one and am also looking for a serious partner in the NoFap journey. Im new to this site in particular, so im not sure exactly how the accountability partner process works. But Im 100 percent dedicated to beating nofap iv been at this for quite some time but have been on and off like yourself, but im sick and tired off not going the distance! I know that if im gonna have any life, that its gonna have to be one without pmo, because it does no real good and just harms. If you want a serious partner in this battle to 90 days, you got one here man.
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  4. strongman30

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    Hey dude,
    I'm a 30 year old guy here trying to quite this behavior also. If you are looking for an accountability partner then look no further. It's like going to the gym and working out with a partner. I'm doing the 90 day NOFAP challenge and I'm really serious about it. It's no joke. It has ruined my life and I want to take control of my life again.
  5. fapnomore

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    Im a 28 YO dude who just relapsed and is feeling bad about it because i just hit 30 days and immediately relapsed, still I'm going to get back on the horse and do even better this time. I really want to quit this behaviour.
  6. Hey guys, thanks for posting!

    I already found a partner, so I'm all set to take on this challenge. When reading your introductions, I'm happy to see so much resolve :)

    Maybe some of you can team up together to fight this addiction?

    Take care each one of you, and I hope I will read your success stories in the future! :)

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