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28 year old handsome ladies man virgin

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by johndoe365, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. skull67

    skull67 Fapstronaut

    don't lose hope brother.

    You will definitely come out ahead. At least you have a constant supply of chicks for you. Once you get over this, it will be rock solid game for you.

    Although, you will have to have immense restrain, which quite honestly I cannot advise you about because your situaion, my god, its, lets say, would be very challenging for me.
  2. Jeandel30brd2132

    Jeandel30brd2132 Fapstronaut

    Mi caso es parecido visite un endocrinólogo me hice análisis y mis niveles de testosterona salen por debajo de lo normal me recetó una pastilla y nada porque no tengo deseo nada funciona ahora comencé nofap hace 2 semanas y aver
  3. johndoe365

    johndoe365 Fapstronaut

    I went 90+ days NoFap hard mode. Slipped up and jerked off 2 days ago. Back to day 0, yay...

    First 30 days I noticed so many changes. From day 30 - 100 I didn't notice any difference... Feels like I need to do hard mode for a long long time fml. Wish I could go to younger me and stop him from fapping like a machine.... FUCK MAN

    At day 90+ still no erections or morning woods... I might just get a penis implant and call it a day... Fuck this shit man
  4. MindfulWarrior

    MindfulWarrior Fapstronaut

    First, congratulations on 90+ days, have you tried reading other guys' posts on how they cured it and how long it took?

    I don't see any reason why your penis wouldn't work as you're a healthy man, eventually it will work again. Or maybe next step would be to actually try start having sex again?
  5. ShotDunyun

    ShotDunyun Fapstronaut

    Hey brother, my story is somewhat similar to you. I'm also called a handsome guy but I've always had a problem with porn. Had PIED once, but my main problem is delayed ejaculation, like no matter what I just can't orgasm, and Ive had to fake it more times that I can count.

    I started this journey years ago and I've fallen several times, this last streak my libido seems to be coming back sooner and stronger. Random raging boners, morning etc. Though I'd not everyday, I can see progress.

    I'm 34 years old if that helps.
  6. johndoe365

    johndoe365 Fapstronaut

    Thanks! And I used to masterbate like 5 times a day for over a decade so i really think i got alot of healing that needs to be done. 90 days wont be enough i dont think...

    Right now i wish i had delayed ejaculation. Its so embarassing never being able to get hard. If i stand up while hard i lose the erection too.
    You have random raging boners 80 days in?? I was at 100+ and still didnt get them. Oh well I'll try again!
    I wish u all the best on your journey as well!
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  7. ShotDunyun

    ShotDunyun Fapstronaut

    Thanks man, I've also had some 100 days streaks with a dead penis, so I've also been there. I notice that in the ones where I work out the most, take cold showers, supplements and meditate I have more luck with erections and libido in general. Best of luck too.
  8. MindfulWarrior

    MindfulWarrior Fapstronaut

    Yeah definitely agree that's a lot, it's still early, but you did 100+ no PMO which is great, means you can keep going and heal faster that way. :)
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  9. johndoe365

    johndoe365 Fapstronaut

    Long overdue for an update...

    Short history about myself:
    • Chronic masterbater (5 times a day) from the age of 12-28? 16 years of destroying my brain and how I viewed woman as objects.
    • Haven't had morning wood in a decade (only in my teens, stopped in my 20s).
    • Many sexual encounters but unsuccessful to get or maintain an erection.
    Porn addiction and snapchat:
    • Started watching very vanilla porn. Then slowly I had to watch more kinky / messed up videos to get aroused.
    • Fast-forward to my mid 20s where not even porn could get me hard. I started to teach myself how to cum without even being erect.
    • I also had an addiction to snapchat. Trying to get nudes from as many women as possible. Also loved to send 10 second videos of me playing with myself (somewhat of an exhibitionist). I was training my body to stay hard for like 10 seconds then would go soft right after.
    Doctor visit / blue pills:
    • After I admitted I had a problem I saw a doctor. They did a blood test to check my test levels and other things. Doctor said, "You are on above average healthy male and you have higher than average test. I'll give you some blue pills cuz its all in your head. Don't worry this issue is way more common than you think."
    • It was nice to hear the doctor say he sees this issue alot. Good to know I wasn't alone.
    • Fast forward to a sexual encounter. I took 50mg and my penis was still dead (no response). Second time I took 100mg and I got an extremely weak boner. It was weak but enough to have sex in certain positions.
    • My normal friends say when they take 1/10th (10mg) of what I took (100mg) their penis felt like superman. This made it clear to me that I definitely have pied especially if 100mg of blue pills barely worked.
    • Threw away blue pills, time for NoFap hard mode.
    NoFap journey:
    • Hard mode is the only way to go.
    • I quit watching porn in Feb of 2020.
    • Had many streaks but relapsed thanks to girls sending me nudes on snapchat.
    • Longest streak 70 days, 2 streaks for 40 days, and the rest are under 30 days.
    • At first it seemed impossible to quit fapping but now I can go on 2-3 week streaks easily.
    • I broke my most recent streak (42 days) last night since I got drunk and horny and a girl sent me nudes on snap.
    Actions I took:
    • Quit porn in Feb of 2020.
    • Deleted all dating apps and snapchat last week.
    • Focusing on gym, family, and friends.
    Results so far:
    • My dick and balls have more than doubled in size when I'm soft. Masterbating so much had my dick and balls shrivelled up. This took me 40 days of hard mode to notice this change.
    • More brain clarity, more social, have more energy to do things.
    • Got a better job, and better results in gym (drive/motivation is up).
    • Now that I deleted dating apps and snapchat. I can do a true hard mode with no distractions.
    • Plan is to do hard mode now until I start getting morning wood. Once I get morning woods I'll persue women again.
    Mental health:
    • Its been a freaking roller coaster. I have weeks where I am happy as can be. Then there is weeks like right now where I'm just so sad and negative and down in the dumps. But I just take it day by day. Its all you can do.
    • I was dating 2-3 new girls for the past 2 months. To the point I wasn't even excited to go out. It felt like a chore. I just feel so burnt out. Taking a break from everything till I get the morning woods back!
    Lets get cured!

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