29, from Israel, in a long-time relationship looking for an AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by bob200, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. bob200

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m 29 years old from Israel and I’ve been addicted to PMO since I was 11, and I’ve tried to quit by myself for years without any success.

    I have a girlfriend for 7 years and we have been living together for 4 years now. I’m a lawyer by profession but just after getting my license this corona shit happened and now there is no job in sight, so I’m trying to learn programing to find a new career.

    For the past couple of years I’ve suffered from depression and PMO addiction have a big role in that, both as a leading cause and as a bad copping method for other problems, and this corona stuff is not really helping my life now.

    Right now I’m just trying to reach 7 days free of PMO. I knoe that It’s sad and that I need to try and reach 90 days, but I don’t think I’ve made it for a week in more than 10 years, so even one week would be a huge win for me.

    So, who is willing to join and do this thing with me?

    I’m kind of a geek, I love science, politics and I would even be happy to do it with someone else from across the world, porn addiction is a universal problem.
  2. owlsrnot

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    Nice to meet you. I'm a 30-year-old living in the United States. In a long term relationship for almost nine years and married for four. Issues with masturbation and porn go back very early, long long before my current relationship. I am also here to stop using porn. If I could stop using porn for good, I wouldn't care about the masturbation. Like you, PMO is linked to bad coping methods. I am studying for my PhD in Literature, and every time I am stressed (which is a lot) my porn use goes up. I'm at the point now where porn hardly brings me any pleasure: at the same time, it still dictates my time-use, my sexual preferences, and my sense of self. I'm looking to work with someone of a similar age to myself at a similar stage in life, who is realistic about what we can achieve. None of this super power rhetoric (!), just two individuals trying to live more consistently and happily in an inconsistent world.

    let me know your thoughts and maybe PM me if you think this seems like a good match.
  3. Timoleon

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    I am 33 years old and married for five years. I am addicted to PMO since I was 13. I have had several PMO-free streaks lasting a month, but right now I am not achieving such PMO-free periods. I use PMO as distraction and as habitual coping strategy. I would like to join your accountability group, if you form one.
  4. matias jsc

    matias jsc Fapstronaut

    hi guys! I am 30 years old, from Chile, currently in day 42 hard mode... am searching for a small accountability group or just one accountability partner.

    All the best for you guys
  5. Traveller89

    Traveller89 Fapstronaut

    Hello, I am from Eastern Europe, 31. I think what can help is using covenant eyes software as if either of us watch something inappropriate we will see it. So I am willing to try. Please let me know if someone is interested. Thanks!
  6. yousuff

    yousuff Fapstronaut

    31M; very much into politics, science, and programming. Would love to meet an Israeli.
  7. skull67

    skull67 Fapstronaut

    I always wanted to talk to Israelis, however someone who is a lawyer, is learning programming and is interested in politics is just too much to handle for me.

    Because i am also a lawyer, albeit a struggling one, have always had interest in computer science, never ventured into it, will do so someday, as for politics, well every lawyer, is by default interested in politics.

    Would love to talk to you man, tell me how do we connect.

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