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    hey there

    I'm a 29 year old german. Currently working as an electrician apprentice (industrial air conditioning)
    I take most of my pride and stability out of my job. Have my own apartment and feel quite stable.
    My longest PMO free streak was 16 days.
    I stay free mostly during the workweek at which i travel to different citys and live in hotels for a week. After that i try to engulf myself in friends (playing boardgames and grilling some burgers)

    Most of the time i fall of the wagon because of a school week (we have one week of school every month for the apprenticeship), since i just get bored at home and porn is ingrained into my brain to be fun.

    Wouldn't consider myself hard core addicted and my previous girlfriend-relationships went all quite well. But after tasting the "Super-Powers" of a 16day streak I realize more and more how damaging PMO really is and how much potential and happyness I'm throwing away. Girls especially react super positive to PMO-Free me and i tend to talk to them easily. (I spent some time in the PickUpCommunity sarging and stuff in my adolescence)

    I'm also trained in NLP (Practitioner Level) and have the linguistics of tackling a problem down. Including telling you as my buddy "to get it the fuck together" :D

    An Accountability Buddy seems like the perfect little nudge to ... have some accountability. I tried explaining it to friends, but they dont take the "addiction" and its downsides seriously.

    The simple "Hey, man. Why am I doing this PMO-free again? My brain tries to persuade me with Drug-Logic." "Because you set this and this goal buddy. Go take a jog ... shut up, moron. Take a jog and go to bed. I'll ask you tomorrow"

    So if you're down. Sent me a PM so we can exchange WhatsApp Numbers or any other form of InstantMessenger (easier to use on the go)

    Guenter - translates to Hunter in english
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    Since i come from a NLP Background where we plan out things in our head to meet obstacles before they appear .. i want to share my plan.

    For example: I want to study the harp
    Step 1: Buy a fucking harp
    Google harps ... oh, shit a new harp is 2k in money.
    New Step 1: Look for someone who lets me use/rent his harp

    The PMO-Free plan:
    I'm photographing my friends wedding tomorrow. Since its my first day PMO-Free, i will hang out with them the whole day and even sleep at their place. Since the self-discipline is weakest in the first days. After that we go on a Spa Holiday (Sauna and massages) for three days, which give me the jump start to be distracted (Cause i know i don't watch porn if theres people around :D)
    After those two days I will go to the gym from my buddys place and keep myself occupyed with Sport, jogging and videogames (bought one just for that purpose) and if I still feel i wont make it being home alone, stay at another friends place till my work week arrives and i can engulf myself in work and wont have access to my pc since Im staying at hotels.
    After those 5-7 days i should be mindwise sober enough to set some goals "Why am I doing this" and put it on my phone to read before coming home. Ill put it in a whatsApp Chat so it stays in my sight.
    Then being home alone i would chat up my accountability buddy: "Hey, Its the first night home alone. Please check on me tomorrow and ask me if I relapsed."
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    Hello i'm 27 year old Male from India(3 hrs 30 mins ahead you in timezone)...if you're interested i can be your AP...share your phone no. with me i'll add you on whats app but i'll not be their for you between 11pm night till 11am morning(indian standard time) if that's ok with you
  4. rhombusgans4

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    Hey, Gaurav. Sounds good I'm sending you a PM

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