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    Hey, Im 29 and i had a semi active sex life in my early twenties. Bad relationships and hadnt had sex for 5 years. Had talked with lots of girls but couldnt found a connection. Anyway, i watched porn during this 5 years of period regularly like twice a week, not much. Although when i had started to have sex again on 2018 ( different girls, one night stands ) i found that i had lost my interest in sex and at one girl, when she were doing oral, i got soft.

    Now havent been watchin porn since 20 days and have a girlfriend. At the first night we had together, i got soft on the second time and couldnt do ( i killed inside a bit). Yesterday, she were on her period and we just kissed and kissed, shere were on top of me and i came! FIRST TIME, I CAME INTO MY PANTS IN MY LIFE. Like i think i have ED issues regarding to ex porn addiction but WHAT the fuck was that.
    Need some advice before i go to a urologist. Thanks.
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    Well first nobody here can give you medical advice, most likely you are in the process of replacing natural ability with false imprisonment of your feelings when it comes to intimacy. I say false imprisonment because it's not actually happening. If I could tell you take a pill and you would live 100 years. Or told you to eat healthy exercise, walk and don't do drugs or drink. Which one do you think would be the easiest? That's what we do in this addiction we do with this instant gratification. Intimacy between two people is not instant gratification, it's something meant to be shared between the two people. That is something that myself and others like yourself have slowly either eliminated completely or have removed it a lot from our lives. I personally have replaced it back after decades and have a lot of the intimacy back. That doesn't change that I lost it for a long time

    .But I digress, I do not think it would be something medical or you can always ask the doctor that's what you should do. Was more psychological than anything most addictions are. It doesn't mean it's all in your head it means that your brain is now controlling the releases of endorphins in your brain. And you told your brain the easiest way to do it. That's why many people here abstain from PMO because one of the benefits of that if you are in a relationship is will slowly have the ability to get better there is no guarantee because the longer that somebody does PMO the longer the healing process will take. But if you are still concerned I would definitely go make a point with the doctor but you have to be completely honest with them to make a diagnosis. Most people are not comfortable sharing that they PMO all the time. And for him to make a diagnosis of whether or not this is physiological or psychological point at the honest with them. So I'm not giving medical advice I'm saying you want to see a doctor because you're concerned and plan on being honest or there's not much you can do to help you if there is something going on. I am kind of not thinking it is I think it's the normal process that happens when people are PMO'ing. You can read almost any article on this website and it's always that same type of process a loss of intimacy and connection with the individuals because of what they are doing.
    Not saying that PMO is normal to saying it's a normal process.

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