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IYO, how long you need to do nofap (PMO), to have no more PIED?

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  1. 40 days

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  2. 60 days

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  3. 90 days

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  4. 130 days

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  5. 180 days

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  6. 240 days

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  1. Hi :emoji_hand_splayed:
    New guy here. Happy this community exist!:emoji_pray:

    :emoji_pensive: The problem:
    Since my 14th i'm fapping and increased more with porn since my 17th.
    So I have trouble in social interaction and maintaining relationships.
    As I learned over time after some soulsearching this was due to Porn and Fapping.

    1. Due to brainfog my memory is shit now and when in conversation with old friends, I can't remember lot of key moments we experiences together.

    2. Due to anxiety, I never really was there in the moment with others, and over time I didn't develop the same social skills my peers have.
    Because of my lack of social skills, anxiety and low self-esteem I never had a girlfriend.

    3. And all the times I got to have sex, I had trouble with PIED.

    :emoji_relieved: Turning point:
    - I realized my mind is overstimulated. Now when I'm think about it in hindsight when I got tipsy/ drunk when going out, I was countering my overstimulated mind.
    Then I was present in the moment and had some really amazing memories with friends. But I also had lots of brainfog due to to much drinking and this is just not sustainable longterm.

    - Last year I came in contact with the nofap idea. I gave it a try. And I reached a no PMO streak of 4 weeks. This was the first time since my first fap I achieved this! And I was in a state where I was naturally more present, less anxious, where I'am genuine grateful to be alive. A state where I'm happy of 'being', instead of going after things that think will make me happy. A state where I found inner peace but also the driver of self-motivation. This streak was the real eye-opener! Some of my friends even mentioned I was more open and more talkative.
    > unfortunately, i set a goal to fap after 4 weeks as a reward. But this was a mistake. I went to old habits. I know now Porn and Masturbation can never be the reward...

    :emoji_punch: Goal: Trust the Process

    my goals:
    - no PMO 90 days
    - learning more social skills by reading more and practicing in real life

    Personal goals I already mastered (to minimize stimuli):
    - Morning cold shower
    - I don't have TV/Netflix
    - Facebook deleted
    - Instagram 5 min attention reminder

    This is me
    If you took the time to read my story, thanks a lot!
    What was your reason/goal to start your journey?

    The people I interact with deserve better
    I can be better, I will be better.
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    Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

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