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  1. So i am starting my 3 days challenge
    March 18-march 20
    Results will be declared on March 21
    I will give my best
  2. sachin morayya

    sachin morayya Fapstronaut

    Day 3. It's done. I have achieved victory. It was a small challenge but very important considering the way porn or pmo was messing with my life. I will take the 7 day challenge next. I will see u guys there. All the best to all other frapstranauts out there. See u guys.....
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  3. Day 1
    Total clean days- 13 days
    Total relapse - 4
    Nofap-Pmo 13-4= 9 days
    Ratio 13÷4= 3.25
  4. Symbol of Peace

    Symbol of Peace Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Day 0, I'll not answer or like anything but I need to tell something, I'm tired of my life not reach any place, since 2018 I feel like If I'm stopped in the same place, and it's not a good place, it's a place of sadness, loneliness, procrastination and lots of failures inside and outside my mind.

    I need to do something with my life while I'm doing NoFap, every relapse that I have I feel so bad that I gave up from everything and I need to stop this NOW! NoFap is just a single thing in my life, that should be great and big, full of great things, but it's boring, sad, lonely and tiredly.

    It's not midnight so this is a victory, I'm in a lot of challenges including 90 days, 100 days Spartan Challenge, NoFap/NoPMO BOOTCAMP, No Screen Challenge. I choose those because they're represent the best solutions to my life and I want to do all of them, COMPLETE THEM!

    I'll sleep after write this. I need to prepare my home and room to sleep good, my bed is not made and it's dirty, I have not changed the blanket for a long time, that thing is really dirty, I need to change that urgently. And it's not my bed and room that are needing urgently changes, I'm having problems with School and it's the beginning of the year, my house is not cleaned for a while since my mom is studying and I'm not doing anything to help her! Such a good son I am... (that's irony).

    Anyway, I'll prepare my alarm clock, make my bed, clear my room, and eliminate some secondary tasks by now. I need to change my life and I'll not let these fucking urges win me again...
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  5. NeoStar123

    NeoStar123 Fapstronaut

    0/3 days
  6. Ibnmorales

    Ibnmorales Fapstronaut

    1/3 checking in be safe out their.
  7. Rohit kumar chowdary

    Rohit kumar chowdary Fapstronaut

  8. Okay so I completed day 1/3...i am very grateful.... Hopefully i do my best tomorrow as well
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  9. 3/3 happy to had success!!! You can also do it!!!
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  10. Welcome champion!!!
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  11. Ibnmorales

    Ibnmorales Fapstronaut

    2/3 checking in be safe out their
  12. 3/3 We did it! moving on to the next goal!:)
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  13. Excellent champion!!!
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  14. Day 0 again. Not gonna give up.
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  15. I'm sure you can have success this time!!!
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  16. So i completed day 2/3 as well mood bits gloomy compared to yesterday
    But all good :)
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  17. Ibnmorales

    Ibnmorales Fapstronaut

    3/3 checking in and checking out
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