3 days tonight and it feels like my penis is on fire!

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    I am way too sexually excited! I love it though! I've never had better erections. When fapping all the time my erections were maybe 70 percent erect. I've always been a very sensitive, sexual person with a strong lust for women, since I was very young even, I can remember. I think this played a huge role in my brain development and affinity for creation. But see, when I was young, and could not physiologically ejaculate yet, as I was not in puberty, I was naturally retaining my sexual urge and semen, if I even had any. I think this is why I have such a large head and occipital bun. I've read about how this sexual power, when transmuted, rises to the head and can spawn neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells and neural pathways). I don't want to come off as conceited but I've always had this idea I was pretty smart, at least a good amount above average. But ever since I started ejaculating regularly, around say 15 years of age, (24 now), I feel like I have lost that creative genius I had as a kid.

    Thank you guys for reminding me who I am! I love to create art! I know there is a genius in all of us that begs to create! Unleash it-- or contain it, I should say!

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  3. Solid advice!

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