3 Reasons Men Should NOT Chase Women

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by blunt.ever, Nov 16, 2020.

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    Watch this video to the end. Worth seeing. I am waiting for your opinions on this topic.
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    Agreed, don’t chase. And if you do chase... make sure it’s a conscious choice where you know the consequences, and not just autopilot.
  3. I mean, whatever works for you. Some guys have a lot of success chasing women, others don't. Takes more effort and confidence to chase though.
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    Remember theres a difference between chasing and pursuing
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  5. I approach women but I never chase them. Except when I feel intense feelings but I considere it as assuming my desire rather than being needy.

    Because I approach them I have multiple choices

    I'm not a slave to chance anymore

    I can express my feeling and say no when needed

    Those who let women come and talk to them are in fact the most insecure. While showing an oversized ego for fear of showing their emotions

    The more I get rejected the more I don't care about being rejected, the more I can express who I really am without trying to please anybody

    The more I let women talk to me instead of taking responsability for my sexuality the more I become slave to my ego and my need to exist in the eyes of others

    Taking action and learning is key
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    NEVER CHASE WOMEN its weak and lame i know because i spend all of my teens and 20s doing it
  7. What do you all mean by chasing ?
    Cause there's chasing and there's chasing.

    Being needy and not being needy.

    You can chase woman and not be needy there's no link between being needy and chasing.
    Personnally i talk to lots of girls mostly during daytime. I run after them, I approach them, ask them out. So yes I chase women I totally assume it.
    But It doesnt mean i'm needy i'd say it's quite the opposite
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    I am young boy sorry but, How can I difference it each other?
  9. Dude...I literally paid for a girl's movie ticket I had a crush on in church once. We went to the movie as a group and she didn't even sit next to me. Her and her friend were way away from me and my buddies. We were up top, she was way in the front. Didn't even talk to me the whole night or the following night at church,not even a thank you. I thought it would get her to like me by buying a random girl in church a movie ticket. Maybe she would see me as a nice guy. Wrong.

    Another time, there was this girl who I dated but I think she was starting to get to know me, we were kind of friendly to each other. I simply asked her "Hey I'm going to books a million this afternoon, why don't you join me" Boom! She showed up, we flirted and now we are married.

    Moral of the story is...don't chase women. Don't act like you're an item when your not. Friendship works best for getting her to follow your lead.
    "Hey Allison, we are going to Friday's after work for drinks. Would you want to join us?" Boom! she shows up, you flirt, now let her buy her own drink cause you ain't chasing her.
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  10. I don't see the connection with chasing a woman. You just paid her something instead of taking responsibility for how you felt.

    It's like begging, that's what you did. And women hate that, what they like is vulnerability, challenge and honesty.

    if you had expressed your emotions authentically you would not have had any regrets because you would have expressed yourself fully for WHO YOU ARE. Instead of using something like buying her something and taking that waiting posture and hoping that something magical will happen. Lol. So, no vulnerability

    The truth is that you bought her something not for the sake of buying her something but to get something from her. You said it yourself. It's a typical nice guy trait. So, no honesty.

    Same thing here.
    Instead of assuming your intentions from the beginning you make friends with her. It's totally stupid. It's a kind of protection that you're doing to get validated by this girl first to avoid rejection. What does it show about you: insecurity.

    Of course you must be the prize in the eyes of this girl. But it is possible to do it by approaching her and telling her that you like her. Communicate your emotions to her instead of hiding it because deep down you are afraid of being rejected.
    As long as you communicate the fact that you want to start a game of seduction with her in a non-verbal way. And as long as you also communicate to her the fact that if she rejects you, it won't change your day.

    When I read some of the comments I really feel like throwing up and I'm happy to learn so much about this process by TAKING ACTION, otherwise I would have let my insecurities and my ego eat me for a long time.
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  11. Yeah, definitely begging and hoping that the movie ticket would be my ticket to a date night. At one point I did express my emotions to her but she told me "let's be friends". We really didn't know each other, other than she is that cute girl in church. Point is she knew I liked her, she didn't know me, and I expressed my feelings and still bought her that movie ticket. After I tried asking her out several times, so yeah I was chasing her lol.

    Glad another guy said it, insecure and don't let it beat you up. I think your mind plays tricks on you with feeling insecure and afraid of the rejection. Need to get to know her first, then those insecurities go away.

    I met my wife by being friendly with her after we had some bad dates. Her guard was up I didn't chase her or be overly "nice". She had to get to know me first. I asked her out when she didn't know me, very bad dates came of this. But after she hung around me and our friends she finally got to know me and she was open to dating again.

    So guys reading....make friends with her first, then hang out, then ask her to go out sometime. Don't go up to a random girl in your church group and buy her stuff hoping for a date. lol. It doesn't work.
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    Chasing is when a girl is not interested and you keep annoying her ex: You walk up to a girl try to get her number and she says "im not interested, i have a boyfriend," and you keep trying to talk to her. Or you get a girls number you start texting and she leaves you on read. But you keep texting her, you ask her when she is free to hang out and she says "ill let you know, im busy, etc" and you keep trying to meet her. Thats chasing

    Pursuing is talking to pretty girls when you see them asking for the number, flirting and trying to meet up if they are not interested you move along and find the next girl thats willing to accept your sexual advances.
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  13. too many threads on women. not enough on fitness, finance, etc.
    Once you understand the game you can decide if you want to play it or not.

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