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    Im excited! I have gone three weeks of PMO. 5 mins of P and E on day 12 and 2 mins of P on day 17. I didn't count them as a relapse as i didn't get too far into it and I could forgive myself. It took my own strength and will to quit it then so i think I'll box that as willpower building or something like that.

    Anyway, i have been trying the nofap since 2015. I once made it 23 days and then relapsed on beast mode. The second best was a 16 day streak. I have had some under 10 day streaks but mostly they have been up to a 5 day thing. I binge a lot during a relapse.

    All the time I tried nofap i have been living by myself or atleast had the luxury and privacy of atleast two rooms to myself. So it was so easy for me to get tempted and bully my mind into the porn cycle. At first relapsed were counted as a failure and that was too hard on me after a point. Because I couldn't live with so many failures. Then i began and learnt to forgive myself.

    And then i began to travel and put myself in situations where I don't get the time or space for it. But solo travel again shoots up your desired when you don't find women to hang out with. Now I've been staying in a farm living with a wonderful community.

    I am able live like an open book here and it is amazing. Even though I can easily find a place for a wank, i think it would be the creepiest thing to do. At night a big part of the community sleeps together except for couples. I also have the freedom to sleep by myself as there is enough and more space to do that but I feel happier with the people around me.

    This openness gives me clarity the next day. Although I sneak out with a friend to smoke a joint once in a while, there is no guilt involved there. So it's easy to be open and not be afraid of anything.

    I feel good about this 21 day achievement. I want to stay here as long as I can contribute something for the community and for myself. I hope i will be able to carry on what I've built for myself so far after years and years of struggle.

    I feel relaxed and quite free both physically and mentally. An old friend commented over the phone that i sound fresh unlike my stoned self a few years back although I was stoned when he was talking to me. I could attribute that freshness to my nofap and general increase physical exercise.

    When i fapped, my whole body would feel the drowsiness the next day. I had more dandruff after a binge than any other time. My outlook was dull, and would more often than not find myself in two minds and therefore hesitate during a musical session.

    I am not the chirpiest and the most outgoing person as success stories usually chain. Of course, those effects depende on person to person and how much time you have really done a nofap streak.

    From this point onwards , i could begin to understand myself better, and learn to accept me for what i am than sulking about not being the perfect extrovert.

    Without PMO i am able to sree who i am. I hope you can relate to this. Goo luck and happy days ahead to everyone of you.
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