3 weeks in the rear view mirror!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by malemedusa, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Well, I'm now 3 weeks into my reboot and all is still going well. So far, I haven't experienced any of the so called benefits people keep talking about here. No improved mental clarity, no boost in confidence, no reduction in social anxiety no significant increase in motivation and my brain fog still hasn't lifted as of yet.

    I'm not really expecting any benefits to surface at this time though, after all I am only 3 weeks into my reboot. Everybody reboots at their own pace.

    I am however feeling much much cleaner both mentally and spiritually. This is a far far better way to live then being a slave to porn.

    At this point I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to view any kind of porn, yet if I said that I haven't been tempted to edge (to on nude photos of women) or masturbate (without porn) I'd be lying. I realize though that going completely hard mode is the only way to fully recover.

    I believe that temptation will always be there. My 69 year old Dad successfully quit smoking more than 40 years ago, and despite all the years he's now spent as a non smoker, he tells me that occasionally he does wake up in the morning and think to himself "God, a cigarette would be amazing right now!" So I believe that we will always struggle with temptation to a degree even after recovery, the neural pathways probably won't completely disappear.

    Personally, the sickening thought of having to go back and start this reboot all over again is so utterly detestable to me, that so far it has more than kept me from PMOing.

    The primary thing I've been doing to successfully conquer the urges is simply turning the whole thing over to God. I just simply turn it over in prayer at the first sign of struggle, put my trust in him and so far he has never failed me!
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    Congratulations on your progress. Glad your faith is working for you. The other things that help guys the most are exercise, meditation, socializing, time in nature and even daily cold showers: http://yourbrainonporn.com/cold-showers. Have you watched the vids at that site?
  3. malemedusa

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    Oh ya, I watch something from YBOP everyday. I try to exercise daily, especially when I'm feeling urges. The urges are nothing but energy welling up inside us, and exercise is an alternate way of releasing that energy. You just have to be careful though, there are sometimes a lot of beautiful fit women in tight clingy outfits in the gym. Just keep your eyes up!

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