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    Sorry guys getting very lacks at posting, but been trying to keep busy so 18,19,20,21 done now on day 22/30
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    2/30 Days.. I'm back on the path totally to not doin the deed, and I need to stick wit it.. Everytime I have a good streak, I fall back hard because I probably let too much build up til that point happen.. There's still somethin I need to let go.. But of course I'm stayin strong NF.. Not much urge today.. I'm all good..
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  9. Day 4. Annoying urges already. Trying to keep my focus on productive things like my work, exercise, creativity, reading, etc. Last nite I had trouble keeping the fantasizing away so was doing crossword puzzles at midnite. Whatever helps!
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  10. Day 5/30. Nothing much to say. I honestly see no value in engaging in PM or O. Things are just going simple for the time being.
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  11. Belladisa

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    Day 20! Feel like this past week was hard, but now starting to noticd the mental fog lifting. Hope everyone’s doing well!
  12. JoePineapples

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  13. antn

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    Day 9/30
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  15. harry287

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    thanx strongman
    yes i have good experience from last few month while i start join here. basically i am an addict but clean from 8+ years with the help of Narcotics Anonymous 12 step program
    i learn in my recover i used here in my PMO recovery.
    in beginning it was tough but now its becoming more smooth. the keys i using most. i am married having 2 kids and i habe good Relation with my wife but i can say uptil now i
    am on abstain part i am not into full recovery. i have very much problem with lust recent i trying to join S.A for recovery but i can share here what i am using here to abstain from PMO

    1- Praying Every Day to my higher power
    2- trying to do meditation
    3- start with small challenge (at first i complete 7 day challenge 2 time, then 21 days 2 time now 1 month doing 2nd time. but for everyday basis i try to accomplish
    just for today i am not thinking to much.
    4- whenever i have urge i immediately change my place and sit with my family trying to be not be alone in my room
    5- i have very work with internet. i avoid to open these kind of sites even you tube i set a filter on you tube " restricted mode "
    6- i have 4 to 6 time while i was triggered from you tube videos then i immediately pray and switch of my pc without calculating and thinking anything.
    7- take recovery on my first priorty. i will go to any length for recovery.
    8- this is the must i try stay away from my trigger points. i have to explore which ways leading me to towards porn and masturbation.
    9- and in end clean date is very very much important to me whenever i have urge or craving to watch pron and masturbation i ask my self
    am i ready to ruin my all clean days the answer is always " No" so try to earn more and more clean days. this is the thing give us boost to maintain our recovery
    10 - and hile i took bath in wash room i would be very very aware because this i the place where mostly i am alone and my thinking and fantasizing daily try to trapped
    me but i am aware " and never and never touch to my P**** at any cost. i know if i little start where it will lead.

    so bro recovery is possible on daily basis.

    thanks for listening.
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  16. Strongman7

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    Guys, yesterday I had kind of reset and don't know am I supposed to reset my counter or not. Theoretically yes, because at certain point I started touching myself and looking for photos of some of my friends at FB, but I wasn't edging, I mean I didn't arrive at the point close to the orgasm and with some God's miracle and strength I easily managed to stop it and today a feel totally fine, thank God. Since 4 days for me are already a big success and also considering that I feel good today (no urges), I decided not to reset. Do you agree with me, or you think that I'm supposed to rest my counter?

    All best to all of you brothers! :)
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