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  1. jreacher33085

    jreacher33085 Fapstronaut

    Dust yourself off bro, it's time to get back up and fight. Good job for sticking with it. Developing discipline is a huge must in this battle.
  2. RightLane

    RightLane Fapstronaut

  3. I Will Survive

    I Will Survive Fapstronaut

    -- Day 7. First week completed. I've been feeling much better, more confident and with more willpower.
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  4. Pilgrim61

    Pilgrim61 Fapstronaut

    Day 6. Pretty rough one that would usually cause me to fall, but got through it.
  5. Im_worrior

    Im_worrior Fapstronaut

    Day 10

    Feeling bit down, depressed. Got flu I'm in a foreign country. I'm currently on lunch and going back to work in 20 mins, just been thinking more about my future goals and plans, sometimes I feel like time and days really move slowly. I wish it 2020 already so I can execute some plans.
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  6. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Welcome brother. Ive been there. Pmo making you think your some hypocrite or fraud. Causing me to doubt my faith, there by limiting me spiritually.
    God help each and everyone of us.
  7. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Day. 8. Feel the sameway bro. Need to be careful this weekend. Feeling hungry for excitement.
  8. SteveIsMyName

    SteveIsMyName Fapstronaut

    FRIDAY DAY 3/30

    Just made love to my fiancee. Although it wasn't all fully penetrative sex, it was very intimate. I've been here before where I can only get semi hard (30% today), but pleasured her in other ways, which you and your partner can enjoy just as much.

    I believe the key to intimacy and healing our PIED is to:
    1) not get caught up in how big or hard our dicks are
    2) not get stuck in thinking penetrative sex is the only way to pleasure your partner
    3) most importantly, start viewing sex and intimacy as a way to make your partner feel pleasure and not get so caught up in your own performance. ENJOY THE MOMENT you both share

    Luckily, in the past - my partner was/still is understanding. During my first run of NoFap, I explained to my partner that I was going through stress and couldn't get fully hard. I didn't mention my addiction, but regardless she understood, and shortly after that, I was able to get aroused fully hard and finish through penetration. Of course, we pleasured one another in alternative ways leading up to that moment, and tonight's intimacy is very similar.

    Ultimately, I've felt really good coming in here. Whether it's to help any of my fellow brothers (you) going through what I went through/am going through or simply to reflect and journal, it's keeping me focused and along the right path.
  9. Rohit kumar chowdary

    Rohit kumar chowdary Fapstronaut

    I completed my 30 day challenge yesterday
  10. sammyjiji

    sammyjiji Fapstronaut

    13/30 - Today was quite tough. Somehow the thoughts and fantasies were just all over me as I constantly reminded myself how far i've come without PM... But each day, I get stronger... Gaining even more audacity to live a focused, balanced life with a clear mind.
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  11. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Day 25 of 30 complete!
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  12. YarlBalgruf

    YarlBalgruf Fapstronaut

  13. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    I would be lying if i say i'm not bored already.
    Nothing is exciting me anymore. I Feel like staying clean isnt fun atall.
    So much alternatives like studying or hanging out with family but i honestly feel like its not gonna be as fun as porn.
    While typing the thought that came to my mind is that nothing is going to be as fun as porn presents itself.
    Instant gratification without any effort atall. Even sex you have to at least pay for it with money.
    Porn seems like the easiest means to immense gratification/reward. I have never done drugs so i stand to be corrected.

    Rightnow i dont feel anything. Atleast i felt things like guilt, excitement, pleasure, heart racing fantasies.
    While typing again, My Spirit is telling to just trust Him, and not feel like its all pointless, or worry about my emotions.

    I actually typed, God told me but i cleared it and used "my spirit is telling me".
    I find jt so hard to bring God into my messages because i feel like i am a fraud or contradicting myself. How can i mention christianity and be an addict.

    Let me stop here for now. I really want to quit but i cant even bring myself to imagine what a life without pmo will be like. I think its because i cant even remember what life i had before discovering pmo.
    They say we are as big as our imaginations. What happens when we have no imaginations atall.
  14. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Wow. Cant believing i felt this way all along. Ddnt know i had so much i needed to say. Thank God for this platform.
  15. DeProfundis

    DeProfundis Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm feeling motivated about No Nut November. Let's do this!

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