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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Delphic maxims, May 11, 2016.

  1. Delphic maxims

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    Dear all,

    I've just completed my 30th day. Although I'm posting this under the success stories thread, I'm not yet fully healed and I'm aware of this, however I wanted to share my experiences.

    The last month was a real game changer, I've developed more as a person under these 30 days than in the last 5 years altogether.

    Noticable things:

    -I wake up and just get shit done. No more skipping gym, no more missed meals, it's all done. I still get lazy every now and then with certain things, but I'm not perfect and it's a daily fight. I'll get there eventually.

    -I can get a diamond hard erection in 30 seconds using nothing but thoughts of a kiss or a touch of a girl (no hardcore porn shit). This was just simply impossible 30 days ago. I'm not claiming that my PIED has been fully healed but I think this is a promising sign.

    -I've had irritable bladder syndrome for years, tried several medication, nothing really worked. This is now about 70% healed. It makes such a massive impact on my life, it really is unbelievable. Ridiculous as it may sounds, being able to pee properly can make a man feel very happy.

    -My depression is completely gone. Don't get me wrong, I still have shit days and get pissed off, but it is different. I'm no longer against me, I have a healthy positive attitude towards life.

    -Muscle gain (with strict diet and training), I've not turned into Ronnie Coleman, however I have never gained so much in my life than in the last month. I think this is the result of clean eating and not skipping meals. I also push myself harder in the attempt of channeling all that angry sexual energy.

    Things I'm looking forward to improve:
    -More improvement on my IBS
    -I still get brain fog every now and then.
    -On most of the days, I feel sleepy
    -My social social anxiety still kicks in sometimes, although it's a zillion times better
    -Morning woods are still rare
    -I'm still a bit, well, needy and feel alone
    -Much much much more focus on avoiding fantasizing

    Most importantly, I need to be patient and I need to accept that there is still a long way to go. Patience is the key here I believe.

    Thank you, and I wish you all a speedy recovery!
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  2. volt2187

    volt2187 Guest

    Nice man! Glad you posted and congrats on the 30 days! Just think if this is how you feel now you'll feel after you get to 90 and beyond!
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  3. Delphic maxims

    Delphic maxims Fapstronaut

    Thanks ever so much for the kind word!
  4. sailorjoe

    sailorjoe Fapstronaut

    great news! on my own 30 day journey as well, mild PIED sufferer who is waiting to see benefits. Do your erections last long too or just go down after awhile?
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  5. Delphic maxims

    Delphic maxims Fapstronaut

    Thank you. I think my erection would last pretty long, but I haven't had sex since March, so I wouldn't know for sure. It feels like I could keep it up as long as I want to, but at the same time something is telling me I'm not ready yet.
  6. Resetter

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    Way to go, brother! Looking forward to reach the 30 days. Could you give me a like, please? Would love to have such a counter as my signature but I guess I need at least 1 like.
  7. Resetter

    Resetter Guest

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate!^^
  8. Thanks for this mate, it's boosted my moral
  9. Demon Shark

    Demon Shark Fapstronaut

    congratulations keep going
  10. sgnture444

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  11. Exterminator

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    Great job!Motivates me to not relapse thank you!
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  12. nopenotdoinit!

    nopenotdoinit! Fapstronaut

    Delphic, I see you are currently on 16 days as I type this. So it is safe to assume that you unfortunately reset after 30 days. Everything seemed so positive in your post, can I ask what led to that reset?
  13. javier chomer

    javier chomer Fapstronaut

    I think its a success story. Since you like wolfeinstein. ( the game) its like when you cleared many levels, obviously you always have more challenges.

    I need to follow your example.
  14. alekniranjan

    alekniranjan Fapstronaut

    congrats on your 30 days !!..IBS and Irritable bladder are definitely because of PM..i have it too and these are one of the reasons i am on nofap..

    best of luck dont give up..keep going sky is the limit
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  15. nomo

    nomo Fapstronaut

    Great post and I can relate that when I hit 30 days, I felt almost 100% of the noticeable things on your list.
    It has been a while since I made it to my longest streak of 34-days. I'm not sure where my lack of motivation has come from that has allowed me to relapse so much since then? I'll keep rereading your list and try to remember that the benefits of no PMO outweigh the short satisfaction and negative effects that I get when I relapse.

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