30 day Mark and Update

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As a straight male, would you consider having a gay male friend?

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  1. Seekin2mind

    Seekin2mind New Fapstronaut

    Hello All,

    32/m/gay/partnered/well-balanced diet always and never drink soda, alcohol, or eat processed food, low sodium, ectomorph. BMI 19. 144lbs 5ft 11 in. Fapped almost everyday since 13, mostly to porn.

    This is my first post, and 30 day update. The reasons I chose to start this journey was because I knew of the benefits of retaining my body’s energy and using it or witnessing what could happen. So far I have noticed:

    My friends that are girls have been a little more feisty, especially when hanging out as well as more attentive.

    My guy friends and coworkers have noticed me more, and listened to my opinions as well as directions and taken my lead much more easily. They have been more kind.

    I have had more compliments from both genders.

    I have been less aggravated at work, and more aloof. I am at a sense of peace even though I am technically the workhorse and lowest paid worker in my department. (Hospital Profession). My superior, mentor and confidant is taking a huge friendly notice and asking way less of me than usual. I also feel as if i am being “watched” and noticed more.

    I have had stubborn breakouts dissappear, as well as noticed much oilier/radiant skin. I have a skin condition called tinea versicolor that with regular treatment has been less flaring, but i could be spending more time maintaining it.

    I am more motivated than ever to keep moving, leave the house, and I have an “urge” to be productive after my afternoon naps, if even taking one. I used to be anxious when leaving the house 8 x out of 10 but it has been reduced. I want to meet new friends more than ever and signed up for events coming up that I probably never would have joined for outdoor enthusiasts. This same urge has amplified my cooking, my cleaning of the apt, the organizing, as well as focusing on how to better manage time. My balls feel full, but not uncomfortably, I have not had a wet dream or lustful one to say the least- but i have been having vivid dreams insinuating i am going further than before in my subconscious mind. (I look up my dreams by using an old dream book called Zolar’s Dream Dictionary). Speaking of which, i have been wanting to start a book club, and have already read 3 books. My urge to read is back. Also, the sparkle in my eye (and mind) to get back to my side-jewelry business and future online presences are coming back from when i was in my early 20s. The old drive is coming back.

    My muscle mass has stayed more lean when working out. I have had less pain after initially working out, and even after being on my feet all day at work. Recovery time for my knees have been reduced and the last two weeks I know even though its been busy and demanding on my body, I would normally be in pain and need to be sedentary, but its not as bad as it usually is, which is a huge plus. This also goes for the almost chronic back and shoulder pain.

    So honestly, do i think it is helping? Yes. Are all these benefits snowballing from each other? Absolutely. Here are some of my goals in the future with this.

    -Orgasming less, with my understanding partner which im thankful for.
    -I almost want to have a wet dream to gauge my health, but if i dont- thats ok too.
    -i want to understand more about sexuality and phermones. More and more stuudies are being published.
    -i hope to have more male friends / and a diverse friend group of quality.
    -i hope to use this energy to become more creative, learn new things that are useful and maybe even get motivated to change my career into a higher paying one.
    -be less socially awkward
    -be more desirable to people in general for better inclusivity and conformity
    -to hopefully increase testosterone to slow the aging process
    -use this energy for the law of attraction
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    cresyhorse Fapstronaut

    congrats, but wrong part of the forum..

    this post belongs in Success stories :D
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  3. skaterdrew

    skaterdrew Fapstronaut

    Refusing to be friends with someone just because they're gay is homophobia and discrimination.

    It goes against the sort of person I want to be, and the sort of world I want to live in.

    Also if your reasons for not wanting to be friends with someone just because they're gay is simply because you're embarrassed about what other people think, then I find this really pathetic. To hell with what anyone else thinks.
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  4. Great story. You sound like you're in a great place.
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  5. Seekin2mind

    Seekin2mind New Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your input. I personally feel intimidated from years of struggling to fit in so i think both heterosexual and homosexual friendship can be a difficult convergence on both sides. Thanks again.
  6. Seekin2mind

    Seekin2mind New Fapstronaut

    It is has been getting better, the clarity is truly peaceful.

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