30 Days a Reflecion

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    These first 30 days have had its ups and downs, but I have accepted this challenge of a new beginning. A new chapter in the book of my life that is all about self healing and improvement. I am exited to achieve another 30 days and another after that. I hope that I can inspire more people to stay strong on their journey and to not indulge in what your brain wants you to do.
    Some of the positive effects I noticed were
    1.Waking up early and refreshed
    2.more energy at first
    3.better memory
    4.brain fog lessened
    5.just overall feeling happy
    Some of the negative things that i noticed (remember the negatives will pass do not spend time dwelling on the bad or it will stick around with those thoughts)
    1.Mild paranoia
    4.now that in the flatline it is difficult to stay awake all day and to not give into a mid day nap

    Stay Strong and you can overcome anything your brain is more powerful than you think and you are in control of it use it for beneficial things!
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    Congrats and wish you luck for your next goal!
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    Great inspiration. I'm going to be there in 22 days and hopefully for many more.
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    well said man! Those are very powerful words! <3
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