30 days complete 10 Benefits and Good habits

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by sumersingh, May 2, 2018.

  1. sumersingh

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    hello everyone my name is sumersingh rajpurohit from india Age 23 today is my birthday and i completed my 30 days yesterday here are some benefits

    1)Deep voice
    2)Self confidence
    3)positive attitude
    4)Less brain fog
    5)Feels happy alot in small things
    6)increase in Self control
    7)Greart amount of energy
    8)More focus
    9) Having great conversation
    10)my body what i tell him to do
    and there are many more and best thing is i created some great habbits
    1)journaling everyday
    2)No social sites no random surfing on youtube , instagram ,etc
    3)Drinking alot of water
    4)Reading books
    5)Talking positive to my self
    it took me more then year to get to this but now i feel i can do it thanks to all supporting friends of nofap and everyone
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  2. Randox

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    Congrats!! Keep up the good job =)
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    IAMALOSTBOY New Fapstronaut

    congrats man , feeling motivated to get that deep voice now
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  4. Son of shiva

    Son of shiva Fapstronaut

    Congratulations bhai..now aim for the 90 days nofap
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  5. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    Lage Raho!! Munna Bhai, Happy Birthday Brother.
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  6. Bran Cao

    Bran Cao Fapstronaut

    Even though I will not take nofap as social website for me, good job dude!
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  7. Inactive User

    Inactive User Fapstronaut

    Dude that is awesome! Keep it up and never go back!
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  8. Atrium_Guy

    Atrium_Guy Fapstronaut

    Congrats brother!! Keep going!
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  9. sumersingh

    sumersingh Fapstronaut

    thank you so much buddy i m going great
  10. sumersingh

    sumersingh Fapstronaut

    sure bhai aapp aage chalte raho mai apke peeche hu
  11. sumersingh

    sumersingh Fapstronaut

    hahahaha thank you so much anurag bhai
  12. sumersingh

    sumersingh Fapstronaut

    congrats to you also you are on 24th day thats amazing you are doing great
  13. thelasttruthtold

    thelasttruthtold Fapstronaut

    Fantastic brother- keep up the hard work.
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  14. Mast sumer bhai! Feels amazing to see your progress mate .You would go long for sure this time. All the best on your journey! And bhai, belated happy b'day!
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  15. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    My bday is coming too after some 39 days on 16 july.u want to do the same. Please guys wishe me luck and give me some tips.
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  16. hay6tAYA

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    Hello dear virtual partners! Today is also my 28 day. My name is Ferley Rincón from Colombia age 23 this week I will complete my undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering on wednesday, 2 days more and also I will reach my 30 days.
    Now I'm thinking about increase the challenge. To Quit Biting my Nails! thank you for all supporting friends of nofap.
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  17. Hank Pym

    Hank Pym Fapstronaut

    You don't use whatsapp? Ek no. ! Or just twice a week or something?
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  18. sumersingh

    sumersingh Fapstronaut

    thats amazing man first of all congrats to complete your engineering and completing 28 days also i am happy alot for you came so far keep moving life will be awesome

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