30+ days even with bipolar disorder + motivation

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    Hi! I am 22 y.o. man and i have a bipolar I disorder. So what's it feels like to have a BPD? It's feels like a thousands of atomic bombs exploding in your brain. And my senses is more intensive. For example i can think about taking my life without any reason. It's just randomly pops in my brain.

    So, what about this addiction. I started to watch p*** since i was a 10 year kid. This sh*t is really ruins lives. In 2021 i decided to stop watch p*** and fapping. Because if not I don't know what will happen next. I need to do it because of my life.

    I was so angry at my self. That i was fat i weighted 93 kg and had a stomach. What i started doing first.
    I started doing pushups as much i can. And also i fixed my eating habits. I ate less. More healthy foods like salads and vegetables.

    So now my stomach is completely gone, now i weight 81 kg.
    It's all starts in our brains. At this point where i was fat i can't imagine that i can do it. But i did.
    Everything is possible only if you believe and do some action towards it. Last 3 years i was trying and trying to get only 10 days on my streak. But it won't get to success.

    And now i am on 30 days on my streak and I won't give up. I will continue no matter what. Because it's very important for my mental health.

    If i did this 30 day's even with my mental illness why can't you do it?
    Believe me, it's possible, man you CAN DO IT! Just program your brain
    believe and start doing something towards it.

    What helped me in my journey.
    First i set a goal to reach 30 days to write my story here. Sport really helped me. What else helped me. Each day i went through i just put a LEGO brick on the lego baseplate so i can physically touch and feel my day's :)

    So i started feeling more confident with girls. Four months ago i was scared even to say hello to a girl.
    Now i speak to them free without any hesitation.
    I invited one girl to the restaurant. I was scary like sh*t but i overcame my fear and it's really worth it.

    I draw and do oil paintings. I decided to draw her portrait and she was very happy with it. Now this girl is not answering I don't know why, but whatever. I found another.

    I was teaching her how to ride a snowboard and it's was really fun thing to do. :)

    The truth is this. How you thinking it's a important part on this journey.
    You need to believe that you can do it no matter what. No excuses. Like in army. You are your only soldier and captain.
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    Congratulations on your courageous progress!
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    Good job brother. I hope you achieve your goal of 90 days NOFAP.
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    Hey man just wanted to congratulate you. I also have bipolar disorder/manic depression (21, about to turn 22) and started a big routine to deal without after all the medications I tried made everything worse. (diagnosed fall 2019, medicated and did terrible until spring 2020, doing mediocre but still unproductive no-life until late summer 2020 at august 9th when I started this routine that has become my 'medication'). I go to bed the same time everyday, right when I wake up I drink a protein smoothie I make the night before, run a mile outside, meditate, exercise (6x a week with stretch on 7th day Sunday), and take a cold shower. I also quit social media (including youtube & reddit type sites) and a competitive video game I was addicted to (DOTA 2), also added a strict rule to never do ANYTHING in my bed except sleep, helps with never relapsing (always used to masturbate in bed), and helps with insomnia. Haven't missed a day since august 9th when I started. Wanted to lay this stuff out for you to give you some ideas of other things that you might want to do to also help.

    I think your mindset around all this is really good too it sounds like mine. I always think I'm in this epic struggle of good vs evil and I need to push as hard as I can to never go back to feeling the way I did in the throughs of my worst Bipolar episodes. To date I have had zero episodes in the ~9 months since I've started, with no symptoms of my bipolar disorder. I also have general anxiety disorder, PTSD from being beaten up as a kid a ton from my brother, & ADHD but can't take medications for all these either because they could lead to manic episodes, but have seen much much much less symptoms in all of them.
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    Wish you all good on your journey! Wish you good mental health and take care of yourself!
    I noticed that p*rn had an impact on my mental state. Because i had a depression it just came for no reason. And i think that my depression was cased by imbalance of neurochemicals in my brain. And after depression i had a manic episode when i thought like i am a God and i had a special mission on this earth. I was dancing in the street and singing songs. It was really stupid :)
    I remember holding a guitar ( i can't even play it right) just making random hand moves to try playing a song while walking through the street. I thought that i was famous singer who plays guitar very well. Ahah it was funny i didn't realize in mania that i am playing crap.
    So in this manic episode it was one severe manic episode that now i am really shame for it. I acted like a jerk and lost 6 years in college just wasting my time. But okay it's just all in past. I need to rethink my big mistakes and failures and move on.

    I never experienced a PTSD. But i can imagine that it can make a life difficult to live. Sometimes it's hard to get back on track.
    I found one technique that is breathing techniques from Wim Hoff method. You can try it. It may help you to calm down your thoughts and feelings. Just search in YouTube Wim hoff breathing technique from beginners.
    Many people have noticed changes after doing it.
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    man.....this is one of the best success stories, out there. Keep up the good work. Thanks for posting this.
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    bro...congratulations I really thing this deserves to be a seperate thread because this is so inspiring. Please post this as a seperate thread to reach out to more people, man!

    Good jobb following a routine for so many months. I hope it goes on, keep on inspiring people. Godspeed!

    *Sleeping and waking up in the same time does wonders, not speaking from personal exprience but that makes a lot of sense
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    I totally relate to the things you are saying about the depression/mania, also leads to terrible memories and embarrassment that can make you hate yourself, at least for me. I think porn can impact mental state because its extreme instant gratification but you know you are lying to yourself, needless to say it should be avoided.

    I've heard of wim hoff and looked into it a little bit, maybe ill take a closer look and try it out, it seems intense.

    I guess the other thing I'd want to say to someone like me trying to get out of a bipolar disorder rut is that I really do feel like I used to feel ~5-8 years ago before I started having symptoms, so have hope. When I talk to people about the stuff I do they often say things like 'wow that sounds terrible' to run in the cold, cold showers, intense workouts etc. They say 'how can you do that?'(not that what I do is that intense, but people who are like how I used to be are generally taken aback a bit). When I hear that I don't even understand the question because I cannot relate at all anymore. When people say 'how can you make yourself do that?', for me all I think is 'how was I possibly living before I started doing all this?, how was I able to get through the day then?', because really that was WAY WAY harder. Because honestly, what I do sounds semi-hard, but it is 1000 times easier than living the way I was before, and once you put how bad you were behind you its great motivation to push forward.

    Not trying to show off but wanted to share my story with you for some hope regarding the manic depression and maybe give you some ideas of some things you can implement. I will say the best thing to do is 'set it and forget it', so you don't keep researching self help all the time. Figure out a workout plan, stick to it, stop researching, same for diet, sleep etc. The OCD behind perfecting everything holds us back, and recently i've just been keeping what I have in terms of what I do each day and not trying to keep adding rules and things like I was in the beginning, and I think its for the best.
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    Yeah that is key for everyone if they can, and especially amazing for bipolar people because episodes always start by sleeping longer everyday, or sleeping less and less. So if you force yourself to not do that, not-only will you have the mental state benefits everyone else gets, but it will also be much harder to fall into an episode.

    I'll probably post a success story outlining the advice I have specifically for people like me with the disorders but also advice for everyone. Maybe around or on day 365, I'm pumped for it I'm gonna celebrate it like its a holiday.

    I hope by then perhaps I'll be in a healthy relationship as soon ill be moving back to new york for my senior year of college (i've been doing school remote from my parents house for the past year or so), if I do get a nice girlfriend I feel like that would give a good happy ending to the success story.
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    f yeah dude....i can't wait to hear form you on your day 365. Roughly, 3 more months! We got this, brother.

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