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    Greetings everyone,

    This is my first post here and my first real attempt of quitting porn for good. Not sure if I'm posting this where I should, but bear with me.

    I have been watching porn for most of my life now. I'm 23 now and started watching at around 10,11,12. Somewhere in that range. It started slowly, more of curiosity rather than anything else. We guys will always horny motherfuckers so can't really blame us.

    In the begining I enjoyed watching, but I was not really addicted to it. I would watch when my parents weren't home and when they were I did not feel any urge whatsoever.

    Years went by and it became a habbit of instant pleasure that I enjoyed very much. Never really thought it was a bad habbit.

    I also had standards and did not watch any weird fucked up porn or if I stumbled upon one I would not be aroused. I managed to keep my sanity in check with that I guess.

    I had a few attempts to quit over the years, but I did not really have any reason to do so because I was not aware of the consequences and it made me feel good.

    I started questiong my actions when I started experiencing E.D. which is really what can kill a man. We rely on our organ to express power. Again I was not considering myself an addict since I could go days without fapping when I was away or with friends/family, but I would always come back to porn.

    I was watching daily, 2-3-4-5 times a day if my schedule would allow it. I had like 2 TB of porn sorted by actresses. I was a PRO when it came to find the best porn. On that matter I really am amazed with myself.

    A few months ago I started going to a therapist because my mental state was a mess. One day was super happy and the next 3 I was super depressed. I really hated that and I knew I needed a change and seeing a therapist to deal with depression felt like a natural first step.

    I did not stop from PMO during my first 2-3 sessions, but I was like a sponge. I was learning so many things from my therapist which cleared my mind enough to really wonder if PMO is any good. And by chance I got recommended on Youtube this channel called Universal Man which talked about Dopamine Detox and Porn Detox and boy was that the click I needed.

    After that I started binge watching in Youtube on how to cure this addiction, found this site and went through this rabbit hole of NoFap Community in search of help, knowledge and advice.

    Today is day 31 of my Reboot process and my life changed. Not in a spectacular way like it happened to other poeple, but it went from terrible to a flat line. I know that this is normal and I was supposed to feel this.

    The first week went by easily. Sort of. I had no problem doing something else over porn. In the first 6 days I skyrocketed. I was feeling great overall, nothing really bothered me, but then on day 7 I plummeted to an absolut low when it came to mental state. I was so sad, depressed and felt like nothing really mattered. It felt like if I was hit by a car, I would not care.

    The 7th day I believe was my breaking point and I passed it without relapsing. That was the only moment when I could have relapsed to get a dopamine shot and feel better, but I was stronger than that.

    I kept a journal throughout this period and it helped me sort my thoughts when I was down. I really recommend this to everyone. When you have an urge, try to write down how you are feeling, give yourself time to think what you need to write and by the time you finish, the urge will have already passed.

    After day 7, everything got better to the point where I will not just feel bad for no reason. Indeed I did not have any reason to feel good, but neither any reason to feel bad. It is the flat line I suppose. Correct me if I am wrong.

    As for the urges, I don't have any problem controlling them now. I feel horny from time to time, but we have to do what we have to do.

    I believe NoFap is the rite of passage for the modern man. We must do this and help each other the way we can. We must conquer our primal monkey brain and be better. Be the men we aspire to be.

    Anyway the TL DR after 30 days is:
    • I do not feel like relapsing
    • Journaling helps channel my thoughts
    • Even though times are hard and rough, I don’t feel like going back to porn and fap to numb myself so I forget about my problems.
    • I don’t feel the need of fapping anymore. I feel horny from time to time, but that’s understandable

    Now I need some advice on how to move forward. I am not going back to PMO. Ever. Masturbation can be healthy if done properly, but I am not planning on doing anything like that right now.

    My question for you is if I can have sex. I am single right now and don't feel like going into a relationship, but I really crave actual sex. I found some escorts/hookers whatever you want to call them and I was thinking if it is ok to visit one. What do you guys think?

    Thank you and stay strong!
  2. clownworld

    clownworld Fapstronaut

    Escorts are degenerate, I would stay away from them if I was you.
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  3. fafafu

    fafafu New Fapstronaut

    NoFap is for realizing what sex is.
    Sex is good only if it is a means of conveying love between two lovers. Other than that it is useless. Escorts/hookers are the same as faping imo. NoFap is same as realizing that sex is a beautiful thing to be done with those who we love.
  4. Zexiant

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    if you've never had sex with escort/hooker and you do it, you will be addicted
  5. upgradekid

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    I have visited them occasionly with big time gaps in between. I think I went 4 times in the past 5 years or something so I think it's not an addiction problem at all.

    However I do miss the actual sex and that's why I asked you guys. I wanted more opinions on the matter. Thank you!
  6. Happycamper12076

    Happycamper12076 Fapstronaut

    I’m confused when people say “masterbation can be healthy.” Not really. You can make it not as bad as pmo but it will never be “healthy” you are releasing your seed and your energy for 0 benefit unlike actual sex.

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