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  1. So extremely real... I also am not falling anymore for videos etc etc but Skype/Whatsapp related sex things I keep falling for after 25-35 days.. and It can keeps you going 10 hours easily at high-dopamine levels : /!!!

    This is my biggest challenge by FAR to beat, it's so much harder then the videos, audio or pictures for me. The last 10 times of 25-35 days streaks all failed by skype/whatsapp.
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    Congratulations on your inspiring reboot.

    I really think sex chat/hookup apps is a "fourth column" in the PMO triad. I wonder how many resources are out there.

    I think that for many, even the *thought* of readily accesible men/women, and even the memory of perhaps having met these people for sex, is addictive and dangerous.
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    I have had the same exact problem, for years i have masturbated, the first time i saw porn it was like taking the best damn drug in the world, it was amazing and i fell in in it for years, and couldnt stop watching, i tought i would never stop, i didnt have enough strenght to leave it so i decided to do an experiment, i was gona try to watch as much porn as i could to intentionally get bored and over it, after a good time i for once was looking at porn with less interest, then in a way that would actually be in my favour my internet was taken out because contract was ovet, so i did masturbation but with no porn i got to a point were i got used to it and porn was starting to look like to much work, like having to get a computer, turn it on, have internet, get to a video, if conexion is fast great but if its slow its a real pain, and always having to watch out if someone comes in or catches you, instead of using simply imagination and my hand wich looked easier to me, so i tought that was it, there was nothing else, until.. I saw the words, free sex chat, it imideatelly went to my mind of what it could be, so i got into a sex chat page and fell deeply into it, just like wen i had seen porn for the first time, it was something realy new to me and got to a point were i erased porn videos definatelly, instead i would sex chat, the feelings are diferent and deeper than porn, because watching porn would be just a video, but sex chat is interacting with the real thing, the feeling wen you ask a girl to do something and she does it and its all real, so thats what moved me even more, so i was in to it for a good time, but again in my favour my internet was cut again, but this time im starting to feel the same way about sex chat to wen i was geting over porn because it was to much work, get a pc or laptop with intetnet, good internet, and wat brang me down about sex chat is that it isnt good for anithing, you wont get better sex skills because its just virtual, the models you can chat with are 99% of the time faraway so you cant never see them in person so relationship isnt to accesible plus that models are models they sex chat for money not for real relation, there are very few cases were the chatter was fluid and good enough talker to make a model engage in real relation while shes on her sex chat job wich the majority work publicly and there could be more than 30 male online chatters including yoy in her chatt room, its bulshit in that way for me, so i decided i want a real thing with a good person not a ****(it got me fustrated to think they dont even really care what you write to them they just want money they dont really care about your feeling and some can even literally fu*k you off if you say you dont have money its all nasty and superficial and theres nothing more frustrating than having a discucion with a **** because it feels pointless and low, self stem goes to the floor wen you have a discusion with a ***** because it makes you feel bad to think you cant even make a **** happy imagine a real girl, and sluts are sluts, those sex chat sluts are the same as porn sluts their just money whores they fuc*k you off if you dont have dollars or if your wanker isnt good for them its just nice to look at the video but imagine the real way of getting to there)..... so now its like i have had enough of everithing, porn for me was replaced with sex chat, but now sex chat is over for me so all im left with is masturbation wich im almost completally over with, i sometimes would do it just for fun, wich is geting every time more boring and usefull for me, because i want the real thing now, a real good relationship with a nice person and building my self up for this, so i decided masturbation is definately out for this
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