30 Days Hardmode - One tip that helped me reach 30 days first time in 3 years

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    In few hours, I am going to hit 30 day mark on Hardmode to be honest, 30 days didn't feel hard at all. In fact this has been my longest yet easiest streak till date. I have done 14-day streaks twice in the last 3 years (i.e. when I discovered nofap) but they felt extremely hard.

    - Clearing of Brain Fog
    - More Energy
    - More Peacefulness
    - Better Focus
    - Lesser Sleep
    - Can speak much better
    - Music sounds even better
    - Waking up feels so easier
    - No longer feel easily fatigued or weak or drained during the day

    My journey's life changing tip:
    Whenever you feel an urge coming, create a new action. Repeat it many times.

    In my case, I made few ice packs. Whenever I get urges, I simply slip some ice packs into my nuts. Alternatively, I take bowl of cold water and dip my nuts into it or even take a cold showers.

    Once my penis gets scared of cold and the boner dies, I no longer need to exert any willpower. This approach is opposite of what I followed before. I always fought the urges mentally and then boner died. In this case, my Boner dies first which automatically makes my urges to become powerless. Therefore, I have plenty of willpower reserve left. Because I don't use much willpower to do this, I didn't feel any difficulty this time. It felt so easy.

    Previously when I was fighting mentally not physically, Nofap felt like 10/10 difficulty. It was too overbearing. I would give up in 4-5 days max and get stuck in that small cycles.

    Basically, I created a competing action to my urges.

    Urges -> PMO
    (Old association)

    Urges -> Cold Water
    (New association)

    Essentially, both compete now:

    Urges -> Go for cold water or PMO??
    (Going for cold water weakens PMO association and makes Cold water association stronger. This is re-wiring i.e. creating a competing action and making new action strong enough to replace old action) (aka Golden Rule of Habits)

    *If you are in relationship, competing action could be sex

    Previously, I simply abstained from PMO, all I was doing was de-wiring i.e. I was not creating any competing action for the urges. Hence, my brain continued to believe and associate that urges means PMO

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    thx for sharing this !
    true !!
    we need to have competing action
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  3. nice tip bro , it might make big difrence in the fight
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    Thanks for making this post, man!!! I appreciate it! Sheds new light on the matter, even though Ive heard people doing push ups/ cold showers whenever urge strikes them!
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    Excellent advise, cold exposure/cold showers I think cured my addiction. I never have to use my willpower anymore and I’m at my highest streak with no urges, proabably because I make my body think it’s freezing to death, so it has no time for sexual urges. I only have to fight the cravings of taking a warm shower and I’m good.

    I also could never get past 30 days for the coincidentally last 3 years of my addiction. I beet it twice on my last streak and this streak with cold showers. (On day 46 of my last streak I went back to warm showers and relapsed on day 49. I’m now at my highest of 52 and I did not go back to warm showers like last time, no urge) Nice to hear your having the same success.
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    Blue ice balls hey!
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  7. Cold showers also working for me. Having one before bed helps cut out edging.
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  8. But you can kill your libido forever with this method.
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    good job
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    This makes so much sense and I shall be incorporating it into my journey now.
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    What if you get strong urges when cold water or ice is not available? You still have to work on your will-power, otherwise, PMO will strike again after a long time, when you won't even be expecting it.
    The easiest way to train will-power is to do things you don't want to. Like waking up early (4 AM), not eating the things you love, although they are in front of you etc.
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  12. oneaffidavit

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    I actually thought about this but couldn't really think of such situation. If I am alone, I would be in my room or hotel room (travel). If I am outside, I wouldn't be alone.

    Willpower is secondary option for me always. Meanwhile I need to stablize myself.
  13. Awesome advice thank you ! I am a win-hof fan also I can use my urges as a trigger to do my win-hof method more consistently :)
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    This is a great pith instruction. So simple and yet I often forget it!

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!
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    Good stuff.. Thanks for sharing!

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