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  1. On a third attempt to hit 90 days no PMO, I messed up and MO'd. I interestingly enough was able to avoid the chaser effect and recently hit 30 days of no P, while I'm on about 10 of no PMO. Even though I haven't made it 30 with no PMO, or 90 with no PMO, or cured my flatline and hit all my objectives, I'm already feeling crazy benefits. Firstly, I also went on a plant-based diet, stopped drinking and smoking, and exercise everyday. I'm a type 1 diabetic and these changes are doing wonders for my health. I feel a lot better about myself and experience very strong emotions. I'm learning how to deal with my actual issues and accepting my flaws instead of drowning them in porn and alcohol. I'm also starting to feel a very strong and natural attraction to people, one that doesn't compromise my self-confidence (being gay, my porn addiction would always lead me to compare myself to the people I liked, in a pretty damaging way). I enjoy music, talking, driving etc. a lot more and I feel a lot more innocent and more in my own head. It's easier for me to open up to people and I don't feel like I'm gonna spend my life alone or kill myself eventually anymore. I really feel strong and more emotionally capable, and I feel like I can make the 90 days no PMO. I realized I was doing nofap in the beginning in hopes it would make me more attractive somehow, so I'd feel more comfortable with myself. I know now that I only considered myself unattractive because of porn, and I think I'm pretty damn good looking now. I am able to really accept and appreciate myself and having that mindset of dealing with issues and understanding yourself is very powerful in nofap, and in life in general.
  2. I'm glad to read of your success, and that you're keeping you goals in mind regardless of diversions.

    This is a major reason for my own undertaking NoFap, although in my case I have actually had strangers tell me I am ugly. I doubt that NoFap alone will ever solve this problem, and therapists haven't helped overcome this. I am very happy to see that you have overcome this.

    I look forward to reading more from you. Keep up the great work.
  3. well done sir, and long may it continue
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