30 days no PMO, and counting

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  1. I'm 20 yrs old and I've been PMOING for years. This is my highest streak so far.

    I'm not nearly done yet, and I am in a flatline currently. Some things I found helpful to getting to this first landmark, first of many.

    1) Keeping a clean room / living area, keeps a clean mind.

    2)Wherever you used to PMO (bedroom, bathroom), don't have a phone with you. If you PMOd everywhere then just limit phone use basically.

    3) Whenever I had urges, I went outside for at least 5 mins. This helped tremendously.

    4) I joined an accountability group, which I found helpful for a few reasons. It's good for me to talk to somebody if my day turns really bad, which I don't do IRL.

    5) Urges came most from being bored, I found. Sometimes I couldn't stop myself from being bored. But URGES PASS. Take a cold shower if really strong.

    6) This is one is important to me, I made an effort to talk to people and not be shy/awkward. Especially w the ladies, I'm not where I need to be yet but I'm getting better.

    Like I said I'm on day 30 and I still need to progress. Oh, and don't panic about the flatline. I'm in one rn and it's not to bad, my libido is down (which is pretty sweet actually) and I'm always tired / sad (which is not pretty sweet). But I do believe it passes. I look at it like my body is healing. The last time, 23 day streak, I panicked and aroused myself to see if everything is working and led to relapse. Do not do this, let your body heal.
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    This, this is the motivation I need. Thanks man :)
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    Congratulations & awesome post, your killing it man.
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