30 days no pmo- good and bad news

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  1. It's been 30 days since I last masturbated, and I have a clear shot of beating my 40+ day no masturbation run from early 2016. I have been seeing some small changes in myself, both due to this, not looking at porn since February, and some other life things. I now know I can make it to 100+ days. Masturbation triggers are becoming more difficult to induce, but I kind of got one last night due to me drinking a quart of chocolate milk for energy for some voluntary overtime.

    Bad news... I am having a little difficulty wanting to look at fine art nude stuff. While I wouldn't say it's problematic and generally happens when I get super bored or tired, I somehow manage to not masturbate. sure it'll go up and I may hold it a little bit, but I'm not inducing any pleasure. And strangely, this also shows I can beat my escalation- though I shouldn't be justifying this.

    Also, no wet dreams in 30 days, or any were so insignificant that I never noticed. But during my last 40+ day run, I know I had two.

    Either way, 20 more days and I can officially say I beat my no masturbation run. Hoping to beat my no porn record of 8-10 months as well.
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    Congrats man, keep going.
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    Good job on the 30 days, don't beat yourself up about the reset, it happens. I just reset after a 31 days streak and I reset 3-4 times before getting the willpower back to start again on my current streak.
    The nude art thing sounds like a P substitute if you ask me. I know it's "art" but that doesn't mean it's not going to be a trigger for you. Just My Opinion but I think finding different art to appreciate could help. Also I've found after consuming dairy, or sugar I have incredibley strong urges and my body seems to almost force me to get a hard-on that won't go away for a LONG time. It's caused me to reset several times.
    Any ways keep up the good work brotha, don't work too hard on the choco milk again haha everything's gunna be alright.! :)
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  4. Well, I've known about the sugar and caffeine for quite a while now, but does dairy also mess with one's libido?

    Also, my primary goal is still no masturbation, but my secondary goal for now is fixing the fine art nude problem.
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    Yeah, congrats bro keep going. Thnals for the updates?
    Are you playing with fire when you put your self around the temptation? Are you showing yourself you have self control? What are you doing when you look at things that may tempt you?
    How much does your life change by being where you are now? How do you feel overall?
    Im on day 2 and I'm finding it so hard to stay focused on the goal
  6. I've been saying, I need to take a long break from the fine art nude stuff.
    I have been showing a lot of self control by not masturbating, especially in the mornings.
    as for changes it's hard to say. Maybe more energy sometimes, definitely getting more tired at work. But... my dietary habits are certainly having an effect, and I'm sure my antidepressants are changing the way I feel as well.

    And trust me- quitting is legitimately painful.
  7. Congratulations for the 30.
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    As someone staring the journey for the first time, I'll be looking to your success as I strive for my own
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  9. 40 days no masturbation- 10 more and I'll call my old record shattered.
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    Hey fractured mindset, by reading this post I can see your consistency and willpower. It motivates me :)

    Thanks you !

    Stay brave bro

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