30 days of hard mode, the changes.

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  1. Hello friends, fellow fapstronauts. Today I mark the day 30 of my hard reboot, I miss 60 more to reach my Salvation. So here is a little summary of what has changed and what has been hard to achieve.

    What has changed in my life this last month:

    First of all I want to say that I had aready joined a gym and started a diet before this, so I was already on right path to reach a new balance in my life.

    Brain fog: Before joining NoFap I could not even relate that to PMO, that is almost completely gone. My study sessions are much better than before, I can analyze what happens to me, I can focus on my problems and find logical solutions instead of being depressed, fap, and let the cycle continue.

    Voice: I was sceptical about the voice changes, but that is real, I have a deeper voice. That could sound "oh ok deep voice, noted", NO GUYS. Deep voice boosts your confidence ina way that I did not even imagined, You do not dare anymore when you want to speak.

    Self-esteem: Oh my god that was boosted over the roof. I am not feeling a loser anymore, and I do not feel a creep anymore, I think a lot less about sex and my fetishes are leaving my mind slowly, but I hope that those will be gone for good with time.

    More energy: I noticed it because I feel that I can do more things during the day. The best thing is that I can improve my workouts, I feel stronger than ever, and losing weight is helping alongside with NoFap to improve my energy. I remember that when I used to eat junk food I was kinda beated down.

    Social anxiety: Boom, almost gone, I met and spoke to so many people in the last month. I do not avoid to say hi, I do not feel uncomfortable around people I do not know, I feel the need to connect more rather than isolating myself.

    Overall: My life is getting better, I have no more shame of myself, and I have no more stupid fantasies. I have started to address problems that have been following me for years now. Stupid fears or demotivational thoughts are gone. Now, when I look a girl my first though is not "oh my god I would like to get some of that", it is just "what a nice girl, maybe I can get to know her". I still have to work on the approach thing, but there is still time before my hard reboot ends!

    I think you should really give this a try, it is almost impossible to get no benefits from it. If you want to live the real life, stop beating your meat, easy as that.

    I want to thank all the people that have helped me during this journey and that will continue to be here, whenever you feel like you need someone send me a message and I will be there for ya.

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  2. Decoder™

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    Yes!! Reach the point where good enough is not enough. 'Develop the habit of giving more than what you're paid for!'
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  4. hej då

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    Wow. That was encouraging. Thanks for your posting!
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  5. Tayler32

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    well done man
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  6. Congratulations @TheAVExperiment
    It is fantastic that you are so fast reaping the benefits of a PMO free life, you will consolidate all these achievements during the next few months and will be able to live a happier life for good.
    Just stay alert, sooner or later the little "Gremlin" inside ( as Mark Queppet from NoFap Academy describes it) may want to get awake and you need to be read to resist the urges to get back to the addiction
    Keep on fighting
  7. Pizzicata

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    Congratulation. I hope I can do it too. I'm at 14 days now.
  8. ..Anna..

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    Keep going further! :)
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    Awesome to hear it man! I'll meet you there soon enough!
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  10. immanuel.iitd

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  11. HeartlessAngel

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    This was very motivating to read. It sounds like you found a solution to most of my problems through no PMO. Especially the brain fog, the voice and the social anxiety. Keep it up!
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    Thanks that was encouraging!
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    Greats, that is just what needed to read
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  14. I would like to thank all of you guys, recently I have been struggling to stay clean, I am determined to reach 30 days again and beyond.
    This bad habit is only worth leaving.
  15. Congrats! I am 19 days and the last 15 days I have had more motivation in me than normal and with that increased energy.
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  16. Nathan1

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    This is very encouraging mate - well done! Currently, I'm on day 20.
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    Good job ! (I knew you could do it!)

    Yeah, temptations are always TEMPORARY. Usually 5-10-20 minutes then it gets easier.........
    then you flatline....... then you move on and forget about it. We can help ourselves Limit the
    strength of temptatiions by ..... BOUNCING & STARVING THE EYES. You can't start a fire without
    a spark.
    An entire Forest [many days of success] can be destroyed by a little Match [lust; that 2nd glance can destroy many hard days of work]. Or use the distraction technique. Distract yourself with some healthy, productive, positive activity. Or get up off your but right now and go outside!
    God seems to punish lusting "DISASTER AND CALAMITY" (Job 31:1-3) do you really want that?!?
    Or you'll get
    Blessings -- for trying to behave or be righteous (or relying on God's strength).... "be strong in the Lord
    and in the strength of His might."
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  18. namtoober

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    Congratulations! Keep it going!
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