30 Days off PMO - breaking in to a new lifestyle

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by rave756, May 26, 2016.

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    30 days of no PMO complete after false starts of 1 day, 3 days and 3 days since starting NoFap. I started this with naive expectations of results, thinking something magical was going to happen in 30 days, kind of like joining a gym and expecting to be all buffed out in 30 days. Not so much. Along these first 30 days, I've been learning what works for me individually, what leads me to a feeling of sadness about what I'm giving up, and some techniques to turn those urges into motivation to go on. Have been less-than-adherent over the 30 days, still using the components of PMO (P, P-subs, edging, one time MO) while over the last week or two especially, winding them down. Slowly but surely, i'm realizing these distractions increase suffering, while bringing minimal benefits.

    Had more frequent sex with my wife than ever AC ("After Children") ~13 years - Three times in a single month! We'd been in a once-a-month pattern for years. Still had PE, which i hope will get better as I reboot. Probably more relationship issues than NoFap will solve, but I need to get over PMO so I can fully participate. Some great fapstronauts like @Sam_ba and @nitsuj0786 have taken time to discuss on my posts and theirs and give good suggestions for making improvements in my marriage. I appreciate their help.

    Steeling myself for the next goal!
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    You are well on the road to recovery & warriorhood. So much of the reboot process works at an unconscious level - so deep, that science is only beginning to scratch the surface of it.

    All the energy that we used to focus on PMO, we now have available for our wives & families - the impact of that over time will be immense, of that I am certain.

    I can only say, "Yessir & amen!" to the positive effects you are seeing in your marriage. Women are naturally far more in tune with the unconscious than the average man, so she will be sensing the shifts & responding to them.

    Enjoy the fruits senor & keep going.


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  3. Congrats and way to go. I'm at 35 days myself and it is invigorating.
    I'm so glad it is really improving your sex life in your marriage, because that is so important for closeness.

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